Good LINE and Discord groups

I have a great chat group on line call for empire & puzzle players, if ur still looking for a chat group

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I’m new to the Line app and don’t really know the in and outs yet. I’m trying to find all these groups that are mentioned in this thread but all that comes up is no results found. What am I doing wrong? Can someone please help.

Thank you.

Can anyone add me to good line groups?

ID : denysnov

Hey Rigs, hope you don’t mind me adding you. I pretty sure i have the right one. Trying to figurd out how to operate it…lol. Trying to urg one’s on my team to communicate more but not sure if TV hey will ?

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I got no problem with that and will help with whatever i can


Thank you, Rigs! I like it- actuality had fun with it :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Hello , i’m still play this game from 7months , i like the game , and i think have alot to learn , can you add me to commumity

Thanks in advance
LINE ID : unum1c



Will appreciate an invite to some of the groups.

Line ID: rabidb

TY in advance!

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Hi, if this topic is banned, please delete, but I was wondering if it would be ok to compile a list of links to some of the useful Line or Discord rooms, such as hero help rooms, or recruiting rooms?

There’s an identical thread here:

Good Line Groups

Had a look through, it looks like @rook the mod wasn’t too keen on making a big list but @rigs had a lot up his sleeve.

@zephyr1 worth a merge or an appeal?


I don’t think it should be banned. A lot of players and alliances freely state they use these game chat apps.

I have heard that there can be issues with players abusing them, ie profanity, bullying, bad behaviour, etc.

I’m not sure how that gets addressed, except by the “owner” of the server, I guess.

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Merged, and I appended Discord to the title too.

I don’t see any issue with this topic complying with #forum-rules.

Since many LINE groups don’t allow joining links, you have to be invited by someone in the group. So I think the premise of listing the groups is less useful for those than identifying people in each group who can invite new people.

Hopefully being merged into this existing thread will help attract some attention for invites. :slight_smile:


There is a good discord group that I follow that has a lot of information and is used as a discord hub for recruiting.

If u are looking for even more information and a good group of people to chat with, hit me up on discord at Duche#7369

I’m happy to give you a list of the rooms I’m in, but I’d note that Line groups are limited to 500 members, so I suspect once there is a public list, they will fill up (and vanish) quickly.

Some rooms of note (several nearly full):


  • Ahole Free E&P Recruiting (293)
  • E&P Looking For Home (263)
  • EP Elite Recruiting (439)
  • Recruits E&P Page (177)


  • 911 Longterm Mercs (495)
  • Merc 911! (467)
  • Titan Busters unLtd (116)
  • Titans Hotline (499)

Game Videos

  • E&P Raids Videos Share With Us (218)
  • Titan n PvP vid/chat (89)
  • Titan Vids only plz! (28)

Game Knowledge/Advice

  • E&P basics and hints (44)
  • For All Empire & Puzzle Players (365)
  • Hero Advice 2.0 (499)
  • Hero Debate/Advice (476)
  • Spicy Academy (482)

Other types of rooms include private alliance rooms, specialty rooms (food, line stickers, memes), Leadership rooms, project collaboration rooms.

Most of these, you need to know someone already in to issue you an invitation.

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Hi everyone, I am trying to compile a list of helpful chat rooms. If you are the moderator of an E&P chat room, here is a link to a spreadsheet, where you can put that information, so others can find the room. Everyone has access to edit the spreadsheet, so please feel free to add your room. And please feel free to share with others. Thank you for your time!


Lol you would have to give me a flashback

I eont recall what u mean

This sort of thing. I think I was under the impression that you were plugged in to some decent discussion groups.

This is now a merged thread… someone asked for good line groups…I recalled that it had been discussed before and there was perhaps some reticence to directly refer people to chats but that you have a knowledge of some goods ones.

So, I hope that’s right, lol, don’t let me down man.

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Yea no problem lol

Just forgot that i posted that at some point

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I would like to be added to some chats.


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Line ID: Kayo2527

Twenty online IDs

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