Good LINE and Discord groups

Hello! I don’t know if this is kosher on this forum, but I’d like to find some E&P groups on Line. Does anyone else do this? I’ve looked and the search function turns up zero.

Any help would be very appreciated!

Also, if this isn’t cool within the forum I apologize!



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Nice find! That’s a good place to start. Zero is one of the top player in the game.


I don’t think that is what he meant… :wink:


I go on line and search Empires & Puzzles and it just looks up individuals. I’m guessing the problem is I don’t know how to use the app.

I looked up Zero and found nothing, not sure what to do.

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The Spice academy chat is probably the best chat about E&P on Line

There’s a joke in there somewhere…


Didn’t even notice that when I typed it…my search actually turned up exactly what I was searching for! Ha!

The best 2 groups I’ve found are the Hero Advice 2.0, which is actually full (500) so no one can be added until someone purges the list of inactive. The Leaders lounge is great, but you need to be an alliance leader to join. The Global Chat (Ye Olde Global) is way less active that you would think.

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@Rigs Just pinged you on Line.

Thanks guys! I’m finally in a few groups. Appreciate you folks helping out!

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I hesitate to list particular groups, since what you are looking for may vary from future players who reference this thread.

However I send a great many new players to Spice Academy and Hero Debate/Advice. If Hero Advice 2.0 ever has open spots again, I would also recommend it.

Mind you, these are just a few advice chats. There are many more chats out there, a few of every flavor, for the player who seeks them. Usually a good place to start though!


I got invited to spice (ta Rigs) and it is great. Highly recommended.

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What is the leaders group called?

Is that the leader group or liter group?



just like all the bs and drama here…?


Hiya @Rigs!

I messaged you on Line, would be interested in joining the conversation.



Done man thanks for joinin

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Sent you a PM on line. Thanks for making a group. I’m more of a lurker but love reading all the info. Most are questions and techniques I never thought about until joining a few groups.

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Did it and happy to have ya

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