GOOD KNIGHT ✨ 9/10* titans, looking for mid level players

currently 27/30 members

1600 cups entry requirement

We have a very active group of 27 members currently looking for intermediate level players.

We have members levels 35-65 with teams in the 3100-4300 range. Currently we are taking down 9* - 10* titans.

We don’t have strict war requirements only that you use all of your flags if you opt in, we do color stack tanks . We follow a basic strategy for resets, but don’t require scheduled attacks. We use almost all of flags with usually under 5 flags left.

find us on discord for more info! -

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Still recruiting! need 2 more members!

we have ONE spot left!

Another spot has opened up! We also took down our first 11* :partying_face:

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