Good Idea: NEW way to level up hero using RPG system

Many of us have so many unleveled heroes on our roster that sitting on the bench and never been touched because the system requires us to feed only our selected hero to level them up (using feeder heroes).

This is so painful because we never trully taste the abilities of all our heroes we have because of the levelup process created this way and taking a very long way only to maximize one particular hero.

Therefore i have a suggestion that need u guys to support and give + vote. How about if SG adding new additional way to level up hero which is by bring the hero to raid and maps and every hero that finished the raid and map gain +exp and they can level up too (just like leveling a character in RPG games)?

This idea will become very worth it since many player spend so much money to “buy” unxepected heroes that will never be leveled up (such as guardian kong, etc) that sitting on the bench forever and we don’t want to feed them because it will wasted our feeder hero.

By adding the RPG system to level up a hero, every hero on our roster can be used and we can enjoy more playing with different character on this game. We can truly taste every heroes we have (even the unexpected one) so this will reduce the complain when someone do the pull and don’t get the hero they want, but at least the unexpected hero can still be used and we don’t feel like wasting our money on this game

Give ur opinion and support this idea by giving +1 vote

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