Good day to all. The theme is colored chests

I used to have 1 chest ever 32 days, but since last chest I had it been now 41 days with out Elemental chest, how ever I do 3 chests daily and more as the titan chest counts in this matter …

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To do more you need to spend gems to start the next chest mission ahead of the timer. I usually nudge the monster chest to two spots in my daily routine 12 hours apart, costing one or two gems a time.
If I have full raid flags and it’ll cost me only a few gems, I’ll also open the raid chest if I have time to start filling it during a break at work or before bed, so my flags can refill while I’m otherwise occupied.
There’s not much I can do with titan chests to,open them faster though. I might use a flask on the last one to fill the chest if things are looking iffy, but otherwise it’s not worth doing anything.
It’s not really cost effective if you are FTP, but for someone with VIP or who buys small gem deals regularly it may be worth the gem cost for the chance at better rewards. Depends on the tastes of the player.
I get an elemental chest roughly every 10 days on average, but the random variation has it anywhere from 4 days (only once sadly) to 14 days between them.

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I have never used gems to speed up for a coloured chest. I have two profiles and consistently get two or three coloured chests on each profile each month.

In December I’ve had 3 on one profile and 2 on the other.

Since January I’ve had 24 on one profile and 26 on the other. I’m not convinced you need to speed up the chests.

I only do the raid box when it’s open and try to fill it quickly. I do the monster box regardless, and also try to fill it quickly when it’s open.

I’ve had coloured chests in the titan chest 3 or 4 times.

I have no idea why I get them this regularly.

Edit: for data collection purposes I’ll add that I don’t do the daily quests either. Just the recruits, gems and experience quests.

There is a theory that doing daily quests helps…
I aint… And elem chests dont come so often…


I still think it mostly random to get elemental chests. I ignore nearly all daily quests and get them about every couple weeks or so.

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Im thinking of tracking this… Im actually looking for old topics…

Thank you.

We should keep a topic alive with tracking and results as per tc20.

Im looking for my elem chest i recorded…

It gets cluttered and some who report only good results will skew the data. But if you want to try it, I wish you good luck :).

We’ve collected a lot of data in my alliance, but I haven’t processed it yet. Unfortunately, Line updated and I’m unsure if I can find image timestamps anymore (I was going to use that for temporal frequency). One can still estimate it, however by looking at the number of chests completed.

I rarely do daily quests unless they are worthwhile. I still get elemental chests about every 10 days (less frequent when my world energy is diverted to challenge and seasonal events).



I am wondering same thing I do over 10 chest a day. And have not had a color chest in 2 months

How are you doing over 10 chests a day? I run into the wait time way before that.

I play form 6 am to 12am I also get 6 hour wait times. I have filled raid chest as well as monster chest 5 times already today

Even spending gems to accelerate chests instantly, and flasking to finish your raid chests as fast as possible, I’m pretty sure 10 chests a day is impossible.

I know for a fact that he spends all day opening chests as he’s in my alliance. We have a Facebook page and line and we normally post the loot pics. Whether or. If he’s doing 10 a day or not (6 so far today with pics of his loot) he has not received an elemental chests for a while. Even if he was closing 5 a day that’s 300 chests opened without an elemental. Somethings wrong

Elemental chests proc randomly, and tail cases really do exist in random systems. It certainly sounds annoying and frustrating, but I doubt it’s a bug.

Your friend is of course, welcome to submit a support ticket to SG (I’ll be happy to explain how if that would be helpful). But I’d bet money they’ll respond with some variation of “it’s random; please be patient.”

Hi. Apologies if this has been covered else where -
I am wondering about what - if anything - triggers a specific elemental chest. Thus far I have only received the unholy and nature versions; I have received 3 or 4 purple and a couple greens. This color allocation happens to correspond with the only elemental summons that I’ve done when fishing for epic heroes; I did an unholy pull and soon received an unholy elemental chest - some time later I did the nature epic hero pull and received a green chest not that much later. Has anyone got data that the two events are or are not linked? I’d hate to miss out on the chests because I haven’t triggered them. Thank you…

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Hy, Crane, welcome to the forum. I don’t think there is any connection between the color of the elemental chests and anything else… I suppose, as any other aspect of this game, they are as random as hell…

I believe its random. I have had three in a row of the same color, and a three in a row all different colors.

I just want the elemental monster color to coincide with color ascension loot. Seems silly that they do not.

Also? Adding in low-key farmables was a mistake. They need to bring back the original elemental chests and titan loot.

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