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I want yall to tell me what heroes fit there class perfectly. Ill start with my heimdall being a palidain. Drama free good post. It doesnt have to be a million dollar pull hero just a hero who class fits them perfectly


All healers whose class is cleric (e.g. MN, Ariel, Prof. Lidenbrock). You are trying to control their mana and prevent them from healing the whole team, but then they activate the mana shield and you lose after you have almost killed everyone.


Killhare fits the fighter class pretty well. With her devastating damage you want her dead ASAP. But with revive she can come back fully charged and still destroy you


Finley: you want the target to have buffs, but as a Ranger he can bypass the buffs.


I mean Thorne is just the dictionary definition of a Paladin to me.

Joon looks very much like the traditional vision we have of a Tibetan Monk.

Grimm just screams Barbarian

I feel the S1 heroes all fit artistically into the classes better than later heroes did.

I know why they made Baldur a Ranger (for the bypass) but come on…Monk is a far better class for him visually.


Cobalt - He does enough damage as is but when jinx actives he can do massive damage which also has a good chance of bypassing the buffs that cause the high Jinx multiplier because of his special.

MN - especially in vf wars, blocks your mana block/cut then she charges and brings everyone back.

Frigg - She is dangerous as is but on top of that makes it difficult to try and kill her when she can evade your snipers


I like both Evelyn and Seashat as rangers. A chance to bypass counter strikes and then dispell them.

On the flip side, I hate how they made Noor and Kvadir druids. Unnecessary redundancy.

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