Good bye to all

Sorry Rook, you were a dear friend, however the time for me to leave that game came. Once I leave I typically leave for good. I don’t see any of the issues that finally drew me to where I wanted to leave, ever being resolved. Gems are extremely over priced ( can typically get a new game downloaded or bought for the price of a 10x draw pack.), single builder issue where it takes FOREVER, to upgrade ( unless you use gems of course), and of course the gamble of when you ever try to get anything. Of course you are given some gems in the game. If you save them for about a month you can try your luck at the draw. With my last day played and me doing 30 draws and getting 27-3*, 2-4*, and 1-5* ( of course it was a duplicate), I don’t see a very good odds for a single draw. But maybe you will be lucky.

There are some great people in the game. I got to meet many people from around the world. Many I will actually miss, but once the camels back is broken, the damage has been done. I will check Line occasionally for pm’s if anyone needs me. PEACE!


Bye mate i feel you and if it continues im out too. What a waste of time and money

Bane does descent single target damage and debuffs accuracy, so I use him a lot.

I fully understand author’s position and fully agree with the statement.
The way game is constructed is meant to focus on players wallets.
System is very unfair and business model of this game is to make it P2W.
I’m playing the game relatively short time, yet experienced the way they want to pull my money out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There is great sentence at the end of this post: Ascension Requirements, and Max Ascension at Different Tiers (4/5*)
I wish the devs would take it into consideration…

I believe that the best pressure for changes would be 1* in the appstore, maybe that would make them to think more about making the game enjoyable without spending money.
I’ve done this, would you …? :slight_smile:

I understand alot of people it is old BUT good things come to those who wait. I got a player who is at his ends with the game. I told him I can’t make u stay but I don’t want to see you leave. It is sad were alot of games are pay to play for say but there are alot worse games out there

I play for about a month now and still enjoy it. I have my goals to achieve and understand it will take some time. I can spend my money and make it quicker, but don’t want to. I think patience is the key.


I started enthusiastic. Quickly turned bitter, for the very same reasons above.

Got some advice, changed play style and found I could do better with the heroes I had, and gained enthusiasm.

Got a few lucky draws (1x 5* and a number of 4*) to greatly increase the depth of my team… and that held my enthusiasm for a while.

Unfortunately I’m starting to sink back to the ol’ apathy. The game doesn’t have much to offer outside of the promise of getting nice new shiny better heroes and making them stronger… but as you grow your team, the chances of improving become vanishingly small… and the SLOOOOOOW drip-feed to do this just becomes dull.

The result is a lot of grinding for little reward… until an event comes along. You are then rewarded by finding it easier than you did last time, but confronted with the hard reality that you will never actually be able to compete against those who have spent large amounts on the game… and they soak up all the good rewards (which they don’t really need anyway, other than to recoup costs for keeping them at the top of the leaderboard).

And I think… “so what now”.

I can play well… I know the strategy… but if I wanted to satisfy ego requirements to ‘be among the best’ (fortunately I don’t) I realise I would need to plough in a lot more time and real money to create the team to make it remotely possible. (More money than many other games because of the mean-spirited RNG which is so stoutly defended by many as being the bastion against P2W).

So unless there is a fundamental change in the offering, I’ll drift off as well. Maybe Alliance wars will make a difference, but as it’s the same crowd who come up with the rest of the game mechanics, I’m pretty sure it’ll be more of the same, wearing a slightly different skin.

I see so much that can be done to this game to make it truly great… and I sense a great apathy on the part of the developers (and unfortunately reinforced by their core player base) to consider such. It seems easier to ‘keep it as it is’.

Probably is a good earner for the devs (enticed me to pay more than I do on most mobile games) and they don’t want to risk killing the goose that’s laying their golden eggs. But I ask… what if the goose is only laying copper eggs… and you are not willing to take the risk to see if you can actually turn them to gold?

(Great to see @Rook with the formal recognition of the position that she was always filling before. Haven’t been inspired to post much recently so haven’t had convenient opportunity to offer my congratulations before now.)


Bye bye.
Good luck
Hope you find happiness
May the gods be with you

You have said it all although I was lucky at first. The first time I bought gems I got 7 pulls. I got 1 five star 1 four star and the rest 3 stars but yes I did get 2 of the same hero. This should be changed at least where you can’t get a duplicate hero. They should give you the option to re roll free of charge if your not happy at first choice.

To play devil’s advocate for a second: what if I’m set on a particular 5* (or HOTM), and say I’m not satisfied with anything less? Does your suggestion still hold true? :thinking:

Rook. Yes and no. What I suggested was if you’re not happy with the first offer on legendary hero then you would be allowed to have 1 re roll for free and then you must accept what comes up next or they could offer another re roll but for say 50 extra gems. You could have as many re rolls after that but each time you do it costs 50 gems. Therefore anyone who is wanting a certain hero will be playing the lottery over and over again for a price so if you do eventually get the hero you want you would have paid a lot for it.

I was just thinking it is human nature (for some at least) to cry unfair if they don’t get the result they want, no matter how many rolls (or rerolls) are made.

It was this scenario I was arguing against.

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