Good bye to all

Well folks. Thanks for the memories. I have been waiting 5 months for my last Royal Talberd. Never got it. They put them on sale… I got nothing but swords and back packs.

I have tried to help with this forum. I was in beta. I have tried to stay positive, but it has become abundantly clear that SG is out for one thing. Your wallets.

I made dozens of articles, tickets, reports… trying to help with beta and general play. Never got a reply at all from anyone other than other players.

I have tried to stay positive, but it simply seems the developers don’t care. So goodbye to those that are friends. I have better things to spend my money on.



Farewell, BARTacus. I know the feeling. As I Nicodemus have said goodbye to my alliance & the game a few days ago. This will be my second time leaving & there won’t be another.

I lost any joy within this game, that I may have had once. It’s better that I leave now, then rather spend another cent. Im really saying goodbye to all f2p/p2w mobile games.

I’m going back to console games. I’ve been away year’s from them. I had felt that I accomplished something, & got somewhere & was rewarded for it, not so with most mobile games.

I could of stayed & leveled my many 5* hero’s, but the fun is gone & I finally know the error of my ways.

Hay, Jimi & Frogett it sure was nice knowing the both of you. Fire, I know you’re still playing under a different name. Nice to know you as well. Stay strong Frogett.


So, wait, let me get this straight. The game has only existed, as far as I know, since about March. That’s 8 months. You got, not only a 5* hero, but at least 3 of the exact same 4* ascension items you needed to ascend him/her within the first 3 months. You are now quitting based on the 1 item you seemingly cannot get in the last 5 months, even though there are dozens of 4* and 5* heros for you to work on ascending while you wait. Look, I get it, it’s frustrating and it takes patience, but there are TONS of things to do while you wait for 1 individual item.


I totally get this. I am waiting for ascension materials for 7(!) heroes that are stuck. I’m still here, hoping things improve. But the one thing where BRATacus is right is “SG is out for one thing. Your wallets”.


Don’t know what to say honestly, I am a F2P player, I got some 4* ascension materials, but not yet to Ascend a 5* hero, I don’t even have a 5* hero yet, but I have ascended some 4* I got from my training camp and I tell you honestly I have ascension materials hanging around without any heroes…

Also 5* at 3/70 are pretty tough, I think you guys are giving up too easily, the Devs are bringing us more ways to obtain ascension materials (alliance wars), event, rare quests(we had 3 in a week if I’m not mistaking), they are obviously learning and growing with us and the most important thing is they listen to us.

I’m playing this game for 3 months now and now it starts to get more and more exciting, and in not even at 25% to where I wanna be :stuck_out_tongue:


BRATacus, I have enjoyed your thoughtful posts. I will miss you. Come back and visit! hugs


If it was just one hero your statement would heed truth. However I have 12 heroes waiting on ascension items to advance. Just Hel has been the longest wait. As far as working on other heroes, that exactly is what I have been doing. How do you think I have so many stuck?


Mate all in a good time. Patience is a key.

Honestly, event quest and improved rare quest has gives to us much more chance to get some good stuff.
You may complain about it but… not now?

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I am sorry to see you go. Ironically there is a quest with your missing tabard right now, although I doubt it will convince you to come back

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It’s like the Dev’s listened to you…dun dun dun


I can understand person WHO started this discuss. First sorry My english skills… I feel kinda cheated in this game because why they dont do nothing that summon system? So frustrated to get many same Time heros what already have and mostly they are 3 star Heroes. Same goes If want to buy some hero - l am got those 3* Heroes what i already have. Feels cheating.
I have same thing with ascending… 3 hero waits compass…Waited kinda long Time and I am growed during waiting time those useless 3* heroes.
And raids, I really dont understand why trophy based system need to including those resource chest.
I Know this game need to patience, but also game developers should understand that waiting something can Make people frustrated and other games has a Lot. Also developers should understand that If people pay at something example to Get better Heroes - If they dont Get nothing extra with their money its called CHEATING!
All this wrote 47yo male…

Welcome to the Forum!

I know it’s a common misconception that 3* heroes are automatically junk. They’re not; I currently have seventeen 3*, most of who are leveled to max. Sure, I have celebrated getting my 4* heroes, but I still find situations where I use the 3* (even Bane!) :grin:

You quit just in time. A royal tabard was offered as the reward for completing the 5th level of the mordrovi quest that started yesterday and ended today. (did i get the quest name right?)

Intresting answer at moderator. To me it’s gives an Image that you just laught people who complaining and also that you dont understand people’ s wondering why they get over and over same Heroes…
Kinda wierd acting at moderator…

A forum moderator is in no way connected to Small Giant Games.

A forum moderator is just a person, like you and me, that want to contribute to the online community.

Dont take your bitterness out on them.



Thank you Rook for giving your free time to try and help people and make this forum a great source of info.


Not to mention she didn’t laugh at anyone lol (I am laughing now, but I’m not moderator so I can :> jk).

What she said was actually that things aren’t as bleak as they may seem and gave an example (herself) of someone who makes use of 3* heroes. Nowhere in that post is there any derision or mocking of any other player.

Soldier on, Rook.


The only humor in my post was that Bane…who is often complained about by many new players…is actually one of my favorite 3* heroes.

Moderators are players like you who volunteer time to the Forum. I wasn’t laughing at you. :wink: I’m sorry if you misunderstood my post.

EDIT: Back to Topic…BRATicus, are you still gone? :sob:

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This game has been around a lot longer than that my friend. This is just the updated version.

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