Good Bye for Now

After spending another month trying to gain the needed items to break free any one of my eight locked heroes, I have given up. Some of my heroes have been blocked for four or five months. And with only two still open until they hit the “lack of items” wall and become blocked, it is just a matter of time until I will not have any reason to play. And no, I don’t think a false hope for items that clearly are not going to come is a reason to play anymore. I just feel the game is more work and less fun. No sense of progression nor real opportunity either. :unamused:

So after putting several weeks into thinking through this, it is with a sad heart I am going to stop playing. Tossing shields for unseen possible trash has just gotten to be tedious. The lack of ability to move forward means this is just a grind for no reason.

Note to the Developers: I loved your game. It was the first Mobile Game I really cared about and the first I really wanted to play on a regular basis. But with the changes you have made to make it so very hard to progress, even the lack of rare quests or elemental chests makes it so that I no longer feel you want my business/money.

I wish the best for those who are still playing. And I want to thank the developers for the fun I did have before the change.




There is no incentive really to even farm either as none of the higher acension items even come from the regular map levels. Add in the lack of special quests and it doesnt cater to anyone but new players. What is fun about being an advanced player and getting quests that are designed for extremely low level players. Raids are pretty much a disaster as it basically comes down to who gets the luckiest board. Titan fights are ok, but thats about 10 minutes and then you have to wait for 12 hours…ive never played a game where they try and keep you away from playing as much as this one. People would plow much more money into the game if they actually were playing it. Driving people away for hours at a time aeems like a poor business model. Also if you would want to keep people around, develop and put in more map levels and other updates. And lower your prices on ■■■■ for christ sake. People will end up in the long run paying as much or more likely, but most people only see sticker shock, especially i your gonna drop 30 bucks for 10 3 star level heroes. Ok. Rant over. Nithing will change but wvery few weeks it feels nice to remind E and P of their lack of customer service…


I agree 100% with both of these comments as they are both 100% true.

I read a post in here yesterday where a gentleman spent over $1,000 on gems and still has many undescended Heroes. That’s tells me a lot about the complete joke the Ascension item percentages are. If you can spend that much money and still have many Heroes that are not completed, then the game is not at all designed for people who spend little to none.

If you think what is being said in these posts are not true, and are on an Android phone, then just read the reviews on the Play Store and you will see.


It is the game design, that no money will buy everything you need. You just have to spend a lot of time grinding, fighting titans and spining that wheel of fortune thousand times. I have jumped here from Deck Heroes, where you can spend 1000 and players who spended 10 000 will always be miles and miles ahead of you. Here you can swim with the whales. And the rarity of ascension items is the key to achieve that. I agree that this game is not perfect. You can start enjoing raids when you have wide and strong team of heroes. Then it is all about skill and tactics and game finaly shows its potential. It is about patience and dedication. You either like it or not.


I guess it depends how you look at it. I can’t spend $1000’s of dollars on a game (I don’t even have thousands of dollars). Yet, I’m still regarded as a competent player.

Perhaps we should be thankful that someone finally made a Free game that’s not Pay2Win…

Just my 2 cents…


The game is levelled, because you don’t allow the heroes to ascend after a certain level…

P2W against other players is one thing. P2W against the computer is entirely different. If you dislike PVP and do not do it, but you are being held back by those who do, then the game is broken.

I’m here to battle Titans. The fact that I can’t ascend my heroes because of the PVPrs possibly getting OP, is a slap in the face to everyone like me.


Why would you not be able to ascend your heros because people can do raids?
What am I missing in your reasoning?

You miss out on the raid chests, and possibly a higher chance of rare chests.

But that is your choice.
PVP is 1/3 of the game content.

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You miss out because the developers have EXTREMELY limited the Ascension items for EVERYONE in direct relationship to the power of heroes in PVP.

Or they’ve made the drop rates very low in order to get people to buy their ascension deals out of sheer frustration.

I don’t think raiding is the cause of the low drop rates, I think greed is.


Will for sure miss ya bro. Hurry back!

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I’m sorry that most of your hero’s are blocked but try to just stay and fight man

Any ways I believe this may be a glitch but it’s pretty cool since I’m a newby😃

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