Good 10X pulls are possible

Both my HOTM (Ares/Perseus) came from free epic coins the game provided me.

Good to read this.
I am playing since January, got the one or other golden hero coin so far, but solely summoned 3* heros from those.
So, this gives some hope.

I got Joon from a single elemental pull. I yelled like I won the lottery haha


my alt had a single 10x during guardians give Jackal, Falcon, Joon, and Delilah. and one other good 4*, maybe Melendor or Caedmon…forget which.

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I like the positive responses of people talking about their good pulls. This makes a good counterbalance of all the negativity you sometimes see. Please continue telling us about your good pulls.

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Well Rook, you are one of the lucky few :wink:

All of my 5* heroes have been from 10x pulls

I guess you were right. I just used a epic hero token and got Valen…then up came Alasie!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Very nice! I had a good size pile of Hero Tokens saved up and figured now would be a good time to try for a lucky HOTM roll. Got Alasie on 3rd pull! :grin:


Heh…this time I got Valen all by his lonesome. The luck does not hold! Waaah! :grin:

What’s the BEST 10x pull you’ve ever done?

Definitely the first Avalon event. Got Morgan, 2x Natalya, Rigard, Grimm, Wu and Kiril.

At the time I only had Wu of those 4*, so was super excited.

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