Gone as far as I can go in this game

Well, I think I’ve reached my Max within the game. I haven’t been able to get any ascension items to ascend any of my 5* past tier 3. They don’t even offer them to purchase.

And it doesn’t make sense to develop 3* as those do not help my alliance nor do they seem to make a difference in wars.

Would like to hear anyone’s thoughts on this.

If you have 5* at tier 3, the rare quests are for you! They come along around every 10 days, and the rewards for the last level are always 5* ascension items. The level before that is always 4* ascension items.

In addition, you can use your gems/Atlaniis tokens/epic hero tokens for a chance to summon 4*, which are easier to ascend fully and can be very useful while you’re waiting on the 5*.

They do sell ascension items, as well, if you want to buy your way up – many of the daily offers this month from the “advent calendar” have been an asension item + a gem.


My co leader never pays for anything, he kicks ■■■! I know he is much luckier then I for getting HotM, and occasional other lucky draws. He saves all coins and does pulls when he’s saved enough to pull at least 10. And as stated before, there are ways to get the items needed to ascend the heroes. I rarely pay, and I’ve only got one 5*. I’m waiting for the fully leveled tc20 to help me out. I’ve gotten several 4s so far from the tc13. The game seems to provide, do you have patience to wait on it? I wish you the best of luck!


Such as what? They sell pretty much everything.


Not sure how long you’ve been playing, but it took me almost 6 months to finally get one 5* of each color levelled up and that’s been as far as I’ve gotten so far. If every pull was lucky and we got every hero and ascension item we needed, it would take away the joy and excitement when you finally get it. And for me, at least, if a game isn’t challenging it wouldn’t hold my attention very long. Everyone plays for different reasons, I hope your luck turns around and you get some awesome stuff in the upcoming events!


Mysterious tonic. I’ve seen it for sale but only in combination with other items for lots of money, and only one item. I guess I could purchase the offer each time it’s offered, but not sure if I’m willing to do that 6 times.

So yes you are correct that they do offer what I need for sale, but just not sure I’m willing to spend several hundred dollars to ascend 1 hero :slight_smile:

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Disagree on the 3*. Mid 300k war score alliance and 3/50 3* are still 30% of my war roster. They are more useful than most 2/60 5*. Some alliances argue being 2-3 deep each color in 4/70 4* before pursuing leveling 5*. At a minimum 3/4* this is true

The Atlantis 3* are absolutely worth it.


I hope you developed a double rainbow team of 4* to 4/70 before you got those 5* to 3/70.

If you didn’t you can now catch up on leveling those 4* while you wait and wait while finishing every rare quest to get the 6 4* mats needed for those 5*.


What level titans is your alliance fighting? And what loot tier are you getting? That’s another good source of the rare materials at higher loot tiers (IX and above)

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It depends where he and his alliance are at in the game. For me a 3* is utterly useless for alliance wars. I see the tonic deals as just better gem deals than what is normally offered in the store, have to be bought if you buy a lot of gems.

Our alliance usually gets 7* and 7* rare. We got an 8 and wasn’t able to take it down.

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