Golfing type handicaps in Wars

There are many ways to make War matching more even. Why give defense players only your strange buffs. Look at Wars like Golf. Give an edge to a team that needs it to make Wars more fair. Not every player on both sides needs an edge.

Are you saying to make each individual battle on a more level playing field based on the teams overall powers?

If that’s the case, i like where your head is at, but i feel that would be WAY to much work. As well as that means you wouldn’t even have to have a strong team. You could just use unleveled 1* heros and a guy with a 3500+ team power would either be dumbed down or the 1* team be raised up to the same level. Which I feel would/could cause a lot of balancing issues…

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The devs have told us that they are working towards an ELO system, which will provide the same sort of handicap you’re thinking about but in the context of head-to-head matches. ELO is, for example, used to rank chess players. Even after they get ELO in place, though, it will take some time for relative rankings to sort out, and we will ALWAYS see some outliers because the composition of teams changes.

My alliance, for example, Seven Days Fermented, has 30 of the game’s strongest players but we gathered only a few weeks ago. If we were seeded with a 0 ELO score, there would be a lot of grossly unbalanced matches until we were finally sorted up to a tier that matched our collective skills and hero rosters.

I am talking about more “team” level handicaps. Players would still need to compete close to their level. There has to be a better way of doing it when your competitor was 7 newbies and your team doesn’t. I feel for the little people. Lol