👺 Goldie - 4* Holy / Yellow from Goblin Village

Before the latest update there was a bug where you could see the hero’s attack increase after Goldie’s special and then you could also see their overtime damage (burn, poison etc) getting increased in the card too, but not in the actual game (the actual damage over time remained the same). After this was “fixed” the damage over time indicator doesn’t change, but so is the hero’s attack… how can we know what change Goldie brings in the game now?.. Her skill says that it modifies “Ability Score”…what does that even mean? I m not sure how her skill works anymore and if she indeed makes any change on the final damage my other heroes inflict to the enemies.

Anyone can explain to me how it works and what is the change she mades? I had LB2 her but I m not sure now if she is worth it.

Is her increased attack stack for example similar to the difference Franz or Wu Kong make in the final damage the enemy gets, or is it much less?

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you can see the modified attack showing increased by 100 pts.
That’s the change. So it doesn’t affect the dots But the attack damage increases.
The stat change doesn’t show at the top. But it does increase the damage by 100 pts and not percentage

thanks for the answer! I also thought that the score of the damage would increase by 100 but tried hitting the same enemies with the same hero after ×1, ×2 and ×3 of Goldie’s effect and saw that this didn’t apply…the hero did more damage but it wasnt a clear 100 incease each time, more like 50-70. Thats why I wonder how it works :thinking:

I will try it again and take pics!

Just tried it with a low level Urthagan against the same enemy back to back (by using mana potions). His first hit without Goldie did 136 damage, next hit after Goldie’s effect did 163 third hit after Goldie’s effect×2 did just 188… I think I shouldnt LB2 her :dizzy_face:

Goldie s attack enhancement is just small piece of her skill. Mostly negligible.
Her primary role is to heal, reflect ailments and cut overheal if she gets hit by a special by enemy and that and occasional blind
Her reflect has turned the game for me against monsters like Aradia and similar dot cards. I’ll lb 1 her once when I get enuf aethers. I may think of lb2 if I don’t do the 2nd lixiu


I get what you say but for me is the attack enhancement that could make ber a game changer, as it comes through the new mechanism of Wither which makes it totally uncleansable, and even defies the Equalizer War field… that’s the main reason I thought to LB her (even more 2 Lb her) so I think someone from the game should explain what this + 100, 200, 300 Attack Score means! is it again a bug? how does it work? it is not clear at all and some of us might spend materials and then get disappointed

Tried it again with C. Tyr - his first attack was 694 and after Goldie 740, nothing crazy (she is not fast after all to charge many times before dying)

Thanks for your messages though!

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Cause she increases your attack damage, which then being mitigated by defence. That’s why you don’t get a clear +100 output damage each time.

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As mentioned she is lb2 worthy even if she didnt add attack at all.

But to give perspective at the start of a battle bonecrusher does 1500ish damage and after about 5 casts he does well over 2000 (maybe 2300-2400) to the same enemy.

Playstyles are different but she casts 2-5 times on averge for me in a winning pvp match.

On longer battles / stagemaps I paired her for testing with Ludwig. So she buffs the attackstats up really quickly. I found out my Adalinda( +20/2LB) would eventually get around +888 attack max from Goldie. Belladonna (+20 1LB) would get around +800 attack.

Would be fun to get that limit gone. I’m short on Paladin emblems sadly as all new heroes I get are Paladin class ones…


I don’t know if this is common knowledge, but Goldie reflects the fire ailment from Clash of Knights. Just hold onto her special right before the timer and it’ll bounce the fire to the defense.


Goldie has become an amazing hero for incredibly grindy PVE content. I used her in ToL, CoE, and GV with great success. I almost purposely didn’t fire specials in early waves to slow play those. Then by the boss stage I would often have the max growth boost, which makes that boss wave much easier.

Heal and growth alone make a great hero.
Heal and reflect alone make a great hero.
Goldie does all three.


So true. I both both her and Kitty LB2 but I use them together on all epic stages in the challenge, even with them both having reflect. Never had a time I was in trouble


Just got her. I hadn’t tried to pull much the last few times, so she’s my first ever goblin. Reading over this page is making me hopeful for her potential, and I’ve got plenty of paladin emblems to spare. Once I’m done training Wang Yuanji I’ll get started with Goldie.


I am sooooooooo envyous!!! :rofl:

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Is she worth a 2LB (20 characters) ?

Yes, she worth it. With lb 2 stats, she stay in my daily raid team, event, tower…

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100%. On my daily raid team on both accounts


Yes! I did 2LB mine as well. Been using Goldie on purple titans as well. The ailment immunity upon 2LB is also very nice to have.

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definitely… the number of times she’s saved me by reflecting, say, Alfrike’s mindless attack back to the entire enemy team…

good stats, Growth, nice passive too

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After levelling her, farming become easier, especially at Season 5, just replaced Wlofgang to her. After that last few province of season 3 becomes easier as well.
Btw, i admit that with Attack Growth of 225 and above, 5* Goblins are much better.

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