👺 Goldie - 4* Holy / Yellow from Goblin Village

I had seen mention of the DoT bug, but hadn’t run it myself. My curiousity was @Whitecat31 saying he was seeing 30%, not an increase of 100 on attack.

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Same for Darkfeather and Goldie. Hurricane with DF card says 2516 burn over 4 or 629 per turn. Actual is 1480 @ 370 per turn. Goldie with cb Grave 872 over 2 and the actual is 512

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Just an insight of what Goldie can do

On each character you can see the maxed out attack.
Scarlett reaches 2420 attack.

Hel 1980.
Hel’s special: 1995+1048+1022.

Of course this is an extreme usage, but once you fire her a couple times it looks like season 1 all along.

The fact she heals seems irrelevant.


How she agrees to Matilda?

Curious how many times Goldie needed firing to achieve that stat!

I found the first negative thing about Goldie - her reflect skill description and how it reads:
“All allies reflect status ailments to a random…”

So I lost a war match yesterday when I set her reflect then Kullervo fired and he got Grimble and the skill did not reflect. That meant I couldn’t clear the minions and the others didn’t get their mana and I lost pretty quickly after that.

Now if you click on the little flag next to the special it says it only applies to ailments that can be cleansed. Why on earth is that part of a little flag? Why can’t you add one more word to the main description?

“All allies reflect status cleansable ailments to a random…”

With so many heroes and specials out there we don’t really have enough time to read all specials let alone click all the little flags, especially when what is in those little flags is not worth having in a little flag in the first place and can be more easily included in the main text.

Rant over.


Ja i noticed that also …

Grimble is dark, dark heros do not reflect kullervos mindless, even if a reflect is active. It’s written in the description of his special.
I had the same problem with milady’s reflect and ludwig’s taunt active


No, his special says it is uncleansable. It says nothing about it being unreflectable.

On the flip side Goldie’s special says it only reflects cleansable ailments… but that cleansable part is hidden in the question mark section rather than the main text. That is what my gripe is about.


But doesn’t his card say against dark heros the mindless becomes uncleansable? So all other colors should reflect it but dark (grimble)?

Would love to get her, as I have no 4* yellow healer outside of Gullin. Ofc didn’t get her this time :smile:

I had about 5 of her from 26 pulls.
I kept only 2 of her. I could have given you the others, sorry.
I had more of her than I had Boots this time, so that was nice. :rofl:


Reflecr comes before the special is cast so its in a different category to cleanae

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Ah ok, now i got it :+1:

It’s implemented using existing procedures like dispel/reallocate so it actually kicks in after the ailment has been assigned.

I don’t like this new “more info” trend either BTW

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I have updated the hero card with the family and passive related changes in the november balance update.


Family bonus and passive upgrade hit the spot for Goldie. Better chance for that accuracy debuff topped with reflect. Watched her annihilate an Alfrike team this latest alliance war. +++


When this hero increases allies attack it doesn’t show in the card during the game. This is :-1: . At level 70 does this hero increase 100 attack for each allie or 5x100 for each allie? If its the first I pass.

The level doesn’t affect her special. Everytime she fires her special, all allies get 100 added to their attack stat for the match.

This doesn’t get displayed in the same way as an attack modifer (such as Boldtusk) with the +xxx above the attack stat. The base number changes for the ‘in-battle’ period.

To use @Yhc 's example from earlier. Scarlett’s base attack - even with both costumes - is 1061. Including a troop of say, +20% attack still only brings that to 1320ish. After Goldie has fired a few times…

(you can also see the modified attack stat)