👺 Goldie - 4* Holy / Yellow from Goblin Village

Got this hottie after finishing the goblin event on the one free pull. :blush:
I’m lvling Li Xiu right now but almost wanna jump to lvling Goldie right away, she is gunna be great on my roster!


I think she’s a better version of Kitty & she was great. With the insane HP totals the % heal is becoming more significant. She healed for over 750hp recently. That’s a fair chunk of healing & will only increase the higher the hero HP is !! I really like this 1 & is seriously in contention for LB2. Curious to see the LB2 stats.

Twenty characters of enjoy


Cheers buddy. Defo worth LB 2.

How have u found using her at LB2? I assume using with other 5*s. I use Kitty a lot & I’m guessing she’s going to be even more useful.

Looking at her card and the modified attack, i wanted to test her with rayne, as her poison scales with the attack stat. In the match the poison amount does go up on the card BUT the poison damage seems to cap at the original 350, is this a bug?

After her special, poison is at 2230, devide that by 5, shoud be 446


Should’ve been 446 per turn 446 x 5 = 2230. Who were the other 2 enemies?

Tank senan, gilligan.

Senans passive reduces his damage received by 50% but they were already dead

That’s just for Senan tho so wasn’t relevant as it doesn’t affect allies & as u said, he was dead anyway. I can’t explain the discrepancy bud. Very strange ! Support ticket maybe.

Has anyone used her yet? What do you think?

Im using her right now for the attack boost in brave musketeers. Great 4* hero


Any one have her maxed and LB1 please? I don’t have plan to LB her further, mine is at 1.1 and would be nice to see her card?


Thank you. She looks good, I’m going to level quick and try her out.