Golden Tokens & Event Summons - weren't they supposed to be connected?

I heard that event summons were supposed to now replace “Legendary Summon” instead of “Elemental Summon”.

In the Easter event, it was the case.

In the following Avalon, it was not.

Was that an oversight? Or was Easter an exception and the news about the change were just a rumor?

I believe it was a rumor based on a LOT of requests to have it that way, unfortunately.

Eastern event was an exception, AFAIK there is not intention to move event summon to replacing the epic summon.

The exception is probably due to the length of seasonal events and/or just a designer choice that seasonal event heroes get added to epic summon where challenge event summon replaces element summon.

I see. That’s a shame.

It would be nice to have an ability to spend Epic Hero Token in either Epic or Elemental summon of your choice. :slight_smile:


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