/Golden Claw\ recruiting new & not so new players

Our experienced leadership helps us enjoy E&P without the stress, plus we enjoy success in trials, raids & war.


We would like to add more people to our roster.
So, if you are new or newer to the game, /Golden Claw\ could be a great fit for you !

We are:
– ALL active members
– Chill & helpful, experienced leadership
– Relaxed. No trophy requirements
Yes Titan attacks! Who doesn’t want more loot ?
– Success oriented without stress
– Mix of nationalities. Chat in English
– Social. FB Messenger group (not mandatory) for discussions, sharing tips & just for fun

War is optional. ~We’ve won last 10 wars consecutively~
Participants use all 6 flags & use practical strategies

My Line ID: amy_ldccx
Thank you


Are you on Line?? Let me know. I’ll be moving one of my accounts soon.

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Happy Sunday, yes I am online. Time is currently 13:46 GMT.

We’re finishing a war so most other Alliance members will be online soon too. We’d love for you to join us.
– Laudy

I think he means the Line App


Awww, on Line, not on line, lol!! Thank you.

decides she needs a couple cups of coffee*


:joy: Enjoy your coffee

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I use Line app. I’m amy_ldccx and very awake now.


Updated our “consecutive” war wins to 10 in a row today. Congrats GC!

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I’m in US & looking for alliance, will see if I can find you in search.

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