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first off i love the game and play everyday, so don’t get it twisted. anyway, any one else frustrated at the fact that it takes effort to stay in gold, yet the rewards are trash so there’s kinda no point ? i also play with a lot of other ppl that don’t have time to put in the effort, but when they finally get to gold, they’re like, “ok. i killed 50 heroes and got 1 gem and some material from the mission.” it should be more rewarding to get there is all i’m saying, cuz let’s face it, most ppl that play this game are gold and below.

i think it’d motivate players further to push for gold if it was more rewarding is my bottom line.

Honestly the rewards are garbage until you at least hit platinum. I found the difference from gold -> platinum to be significant, so I’d work on gearing up a defense team that can keep you around 1800 trophies. It’s not that hard as long as you have a few decent, leveled heroes.


I dropped down to gold from diamond. Havent noticed any change in rewards, just easier wins and more food


I don’t think platinum is any better for me anyways. My last 10 platinum chest contain farmable items and some grey tokens

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■■■■ true i just think rewards should be better for those that a thally care and try in this game. it’s annoying that rewards are ■■■■

like ONE GEM and some stinky crafting materials as a reward?? ■■■

Diamond and platinum certainly provide more trainer heroes in my experience!

In a way, chests are like war - the individual results aren’t great but then you get the war chest or elemental chest which, fingers crossed, has more rare materials.

I’m fortunate in that I just enjoy raiding…so fighting for the chest isn’t a chore.


True. Raiding is fun. Rewards are secondary.

Earlier when I logged off for 20 mins while driving I was attacked 24 times. Winning 14 of them.
But its the number of attacks that is crazy. More than one attack per minute. :stuck_out_tongue:


Food and iron + the odd 1 gem. :smiley: Never saw anything good from raid chest. Been in gold for 2 weeks or so

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I personally just enjoy the raiding. I am in Platinum my self and been stuck there few weeks. I find it really satisfying to knock out teams that are 400-500 hero power strong then me.

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Raiding is kind of becoming a chore for me lol. I’m getting so lazy about changing my attack teams for each defense I’ve started just looking for specific color tanks. If it’s a green tank or it’s a purple/yellow tank with a green flank that’s what I’m looking for. I’ve been using mono red for a couple weeks now. sometimes I’ll build a team for a specific defense if they have like a ton of food and cups but I’ve even brought my mono red team against a blue tank with green flanks, just so lazy to keep changing my team.

well i appreciate all the input. it’s pretty encouraging to know that rewards get a bit better in diamond and plat and gives me something to look forward to at least. i do enjoy raiding either way as it gives you the chance to put your heroes to use against other people and i def get that. i have played many other “grindy” games like this and just hope in the future the grind becomes a bit more rewarding. either way, i’m def enjoying the game regardless of it’s slow pace.

I mostly just expect food and iron from chests and I’m always happy for a nice little 100k food boost, TC19 is very expensive and I can never have enough food. And yeah you’ll get plenty of trainer heroes and occasionally a nice surprise with a non farmable mat or some kind of flask.


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