Gold cup issues

Let me get straight to the point. I left the game earlier with 1962 gold cups . I came in losing 114 gold cups .
1962-114=1848 cups
Then I fought back scoring 116 cups!
1848+116=1964 cups.
Why is it that my total cups are at
1,863. 100 cups less then what I should have.

Your raid arena (the view from your raid screen) is correct,

Other rankings are not “live” and often take time to update. You can force an update by closing (completely) the app & reopening.


It corrected its self thanks.

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Muchas gracias, aprovecho en reportar un molestoso reclamo, quiero saber por qué cuando voy ganando un asalto y se conecta en ese instante mi enemigo el sistema hace q automáticamente lo pierda aunque tenga mis 5 héroes y el otro equipo solo uno, me parece muy injusto y creo q es una falla a corregir, tomen en cuenta mi comentario por favor

Thank you very much, I take advantage of reporting an annoying claim, I want to know why when I win an assault and my enemy connects at that moment, the system automatically loses it even if I have my 5 heroes and the other team only one, it seems very unfair and I think it is a mistake to correct, take my comment into account please

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