Going F2P based solely off irresponsible development

Exactly! It’s easily the worse portal in the game so the offer has to look really good to try and entice players into pulling there. I wonder if the ToL summon numbers are not as great as SGG had hoped for on release so they’re trying to encourage players to do more?


I wonder what was going on with the tavern deals this cycle. I was on when the tavern went live in the US, and there were two deals I saw: 1 for 2.99, and a “buy all 5 2.99 deals” button for I believe a slightly cheaper price (I think) but when I woke up in the morning, the second button with the buy 5 was gone and never came back.

I wasn’t going to purchase it in any case, but it made me wonder if they were starting to try different variations of buy all offers for summon deals to get people to spend (which is a classic marketing tactic).

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Vela wasn’t highly desirable until Telluria came out and then her fire counter buff severely reduced the effect of attacking with reds vs green tank.


about these legend of tavern thing. btw i love this game so much i spend a lot of money all i want to get is athena. but im disappointed bec all i got 3* & 4* that i have already. im so sad…i hope next time i will get it pay it again

They turned it off because a bug made this “buy 5” offer actually more expensive than buying five separately in some currencies.


I understand the guys who feel that SG cheated - you were spending money trying to pull specific hero with specific stats and then it’s got nerfered. But at the same time I don’t understand how this overpowered hero passed beta? I got 8 tellurias from pulls (really lucky - was pulling during atlantis trying to get heroes there) and maxed her only because my alliance wanted to user her in wars, not obsessed with her at all and don’t care about nerf and am thankful for emblems

But me personally tired to see her EVERYWHERE: raids, wars, tournaments (no matter what are the rules for 5* tournament - she is always there unless it’s no nature). I don’t mind her being most powerful nature tank, but not most powerful tank in the game. Before nerfing I forgot how to use other teams and had constantly run with my red mono everywhere. So guys you should also thankful to beta players who though it would be fun to give everyone nuke missile :slight_smile: and remember no to put all eggs in one basket not to get disappointed.


Many interesting ideas

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I’ve read quite a few comments regarding Telluria “getting past beta”.

She didn’t. She was a good & powerful green tank, as intended. What noone could forsee, without testing Telluria with literally every single hero that’s out there in couples, trios & quads, is the Gravemaker, Telluria, Vela trio. When those 3 heroes were put together, they were overpowered; None were overpowered as a stand alone hero.

Beta testers make up thousands of players who volunteer a great deal of their time trying to help make a fantastic game for us all. They are F2P to P2P & everything in between. There is no secret agenda or groups trying to sway the game one way or another. Individuals offer their opinions & that’s all.

It’s sad to see how much hate people throw at volunteers such as mods & beta, when everyone is just trying to help others, within a game they enjoy. :woman_facepalming:


Is that means if there was a red multiplier, there won’t be any problem against pre-nerf Telly?

@Kerridoc was certainly full of wisdom but you’ve basically just described every hardcore FTP in existence who follows this routine: hoard, plan, execute.

I won’t be pulling from July to August at least. June maybe, September maybe.

October perhaps

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There is ABSOLUTELY no evidence that Telluria is now “worthless”. The leader boards (global and local) scream exactly the opposite.

There is still an enormous over representation of Telluria.

I have Telluria but the game was less fun to play before the nerf. The nerf was needed but did it go far enough? The game is better with more choices.


After reading the comments from those who claim Telly is worthless, I found out that what they actually mean is not worth the money they have spent.


He still reads what we write…at least as of November 2019 :rofl:

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Kerridoc was going to come back … but decided not too after they nerfed “Carol Baskins” and Vela.

Using double greens is 1 mistake

I think people are overestimating the nerf

Saders are still using 30 tellurias in war, went 5-0 last 5 wars and last war was by the largest margin since her release(little over 1k)

I know other top 30 teams are still using the gtv trio

Still seein em all over the place in raids

I get goin f2p but i just think if i was goin to pick a reason, it wouldn’t be that one as it’s actually been the least impactful decision game wise that devs have made in the game in the past year+ (not sayin it didnt tick people off, just sayin it didnt directly impact the game as much as people want to believe)

Just my opinion

Good luck


Curious about atomos myself

Didnt test him in beta but i suspect with emblems and a crit troop he could be tough to bring down especially in wars where dispellers are limited

And players could successfully stack Clarissa, jf, and vela around him without duplicating classes

Can’t agree with you here. It was known during beta that Tell+Vela will be a kill combo but nerf didn’t occurred at that stage. By any chance are beta player yourself? They are not volunteers otherwise you need to call all players volunteers. These are pretty dedicated people as it is really hard to get there. And these are also people who were using known in the past “feature” were you can see your board in beta app and adjust your team in real app cause board was the same. So let’s not make saints of them - they are doing probably in 99% for their own pleasure to have exclusive access to not-released-yet features.

It is impossible to believe that players in beta were not using the Telluria Vela combo out of the gate. A green tank using heavy red to remove, hmmm, wonder what blue hero would fit here nicely? Alice? Magni? Yeah, Vela is the obvious choice. Interesting that you mention Gravemaker as part of the issue, yet he was the only hero of the three to not be touched. And if you look at trends, he has been a mainstay in top teams since his release and has always been considered overpowered.

They are volunteers, they did extra work without pay. Other players such as me who is not tester do not spend time using beta account that got reseted each iteration.

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Believe it or not, SG do not provide them every hero to test in beta.

I read somewhere that the hero they have is their original account hero + some resources to pull hero. (Reset each iteration)

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