Going F2P based solely off irresponsible development

Telluria rant (broken record, I know)

I logged into the game today to find I had lost 10 of 11 overnight raids, with the one win quickly followed by a loss to the same player. My team: Mother North 18, Vela 18, Telluria 18, Gravemaker 19 and Seshat 17. In my 15 months of playing, I have chased several heroes and let others walk, all decisions based on the stated stats of the heroes at the time they were available. To say I overspent on Telluria in March is an understatement. While my daughter and wife both pulled her early, I didn’t see her show up until the end of the month. I have faced and struggled too many times to count against the likes of Guinevere and Kunchen and finally had the tank I was after. I finally felt I was on a level playing field against the best teams in Diamond. Until the nerf.

The nerf that everyone that didn’t have Telluria loved, and the nerf that most of the Telluria owners hate. The nerf that has a team with 4576 TP losing 10 of 11 raids. They didn’t make her weak, they made her worthless.

Now, I already know there are countless people out there that say SG didn’t make you spend your money, and they are right. But one point I would counter, without people like me who have paid a fair amount of money into this game, this game simply doesn’t exist. For all those who are F2P or C2P who like to say it is about balance, you are wrong. At the end of the day, it is solely about revenue. Why would anyone ever chase after another hero that may seem to be the perfect fit for their team, when the possibility of an unknown nerf is waiting around the corner? This game is not designed for F2P/C2P players, it is designed for the people who like to gamble, spend money to roll the dice in hopes of landing those top tier heroes. While I have spent more than my fair share to keep this game rolling, seeing other people do 30 pulls is insane. Yet people do it, justifying that they would spend that much on two console games in a month.

To make up for the inconvenience by throwing emblems out to everyone, (including those same F2P/C2P players who didn’t have Telluria, who are ultimately the only winners of the Telluria nerf) is an insult. Im not sure what proper compensation is, but Oprah’s free emblems for all is definitely not it.

With that said, Im throwing in the towel. I will not be contributing financially to this game going forward. Nor will my wife and daughter, since all those funds come from the same source. I can only imagine others feel the same, which will result in a mass exodus of players from this game. It was fun for awhile.


I agree. I hope SGG pays attention and Acknowledges they need tto develop a better game balance strategy, and invest a little bit of money into better communications with their growing user base.

I have been both FTP and C2P and then after committing to long term gameplay… was fine opening my wallet.

But the last couple of months (with taverns being the last straw when I saw how they designed Taverns summon)… I also decided to stop spending money.

This is a big problem in SGG game balance strategy, when they are demotivating players who want to spend NOT to spend.

The game balance isn’t off because one tank was considered “overpowered”… there are deeper root problems not being addressed. Instead they bandaid the problem by nerfing Tell and Vela.

We are voicing opinions on this forum of course because we all love the game, but really feel (not fully understand) what the broken underlying issues are. None of us wants this game to degrade and lose support from the community. But it’s chipping away slowly and steadily.

Step 1 SGG: commit to rooting these out and set up a process to communicate with your user base (don’t lose their loyalty and advocacy before it becomes too late.) As a digital brand operating in increasingly tough economic times, this is critical.

Anyways … there is an existing topic close in spirit to this … because quality of life is important to people who pay and all players can benefit from improvements,…


I agree to an extent, but I find it hard to believe you lost 10/11 with that team unless you were sitting at 2700+ or in the top 100 etc. I have a weaker team with a Telly tank and win most of my defense matches. I dont think the Telly nerf really ruined her, she’s still great.

That being said, I’m still getting closer and closer to F2P for various factors. I don’t think any hero needs to be nerfed if they do the appropriate testing in beta, while also looking at what the hero is question is capable of while paired with other specific heroes. With every new introduced hero/quest/event they’re just leaning closer and closer to money grabbing/P2W play. Even the alchemy lab, paying gems to use a building is nonsense. There is little done to improve/address player concerns regarding all aspects of the game, they seem much more concerned with introduce new, more powerful heroes. Tavern of Legends is a good example of this, you’re basically pulling for vanilla 3/4 star heroes. They have a mystery hero with a 0.1% chance of pulling…0.1% chance! That’s just ridiculous. You get ~2 free summons for completing the whole thing, which many players will be unable to do because of lack of team depth.

I just wish they would address some concerns instead of cranking out new 5* heroes.


The game is taking a page outta EA. Like just they said in South Park. Kyle, but guys we’ve been lied too.SG “Well this has been real educational and all, now get the F out my building”


I honestly can see the revenue of this game nose diving because of the lack of decent heroes coming out . I remember this guy name Kerridoc who used to moderate and help players. He stopped pulling unless there was a hero that would up grade on his roster… makes me think of him when I ask myself what should I save gems for. Honestly, next bunch of HOTM are garbage…Atlantis doesn’t look promising and Valhalla only has Tyr maybe Sif that I would use… and there’s a whole lot of - not worth it for the small chance. Maybe it’s getting close to retiring like he did


The truth is, as long as SG makes this game addicted and enjoyable for mass gamers all around the world, there are always NEWCOMERS ready to throw their money.
Old players may leave or stop spending, but new players will keep coming, spending and doing the same thing as old players do until they stop and be replaced with another newcomers.

SG will always win, SG will always win… that’s the truth…


Well, I’m certainly not spending $40 Canadian for Tavern coins. I don’t care how many WE flasks they include!


In your opinion, what is the root problem?

IMO, there are a lot of holes remain in the current hero available:

  • Red/Fire who can dispel buff.
  • Blue/Ice 4* who can reduce elemental defense like Frida/Arthur.
  • Purple/Dark 4* who can reduce elemental defense like Panther.
  • Red/Fire 5* who can reduce elemental defense like Falcon.
  • Yellow/Holy 5* who can reduce elemental defense like Jackal.
  • Red/Fire who can multiply damage like Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Wu Kong.
  • Purple/Dark who can multiply damage like Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Wu Kong.
  • A+ Blue Tank.
  • Are there any Yellow/Holy hero with extra damage against Purple/Dark?

Add a 5 star Red hero who does direct damage - equivalent to Lianna. Most of the 5 star red snipers do Burn DOT.


I think the thread’s title is wrong. You can’t go f2p, you either are f2p or not. Simple as that. You can’t become f2p after you spent hundreds of thousands chasing heroes. That train has gone. You can stop spending, but that’s not f2p…


Add Green that does counterattack…


TY For writing this and giving me the gumption to pile on. This “rant” reads as if i wrote it myself however I’ll put my own out there also…
I’ve been playing this game for 2yrs. My defense team Telluria tank, Vela flank and yes I was working on Gravemaker is in the 4500s. I can field all 6 of my war flags with over 4K attack strength of all 5* maxed hero’s. I bought nearly everything, and I mean everything! Stupid amounts of money and time spent! I loved this game and was so obsessed that my wife and 3kids would watch me, question Me and eventually play the game themselves under my guidance and wallet. I turned this game onto my brother who turned it onto a coworker and we now all play together in an alliance I birthed. Our Alliance currently has a record of 10-1 in our last 11 wars and until this last “balancing” we were all full steam ahead with energy, enthusiasm and money to play.
Insert the Destroying Nerf of not just one but 2 of the games most coveted hero’s and now the air driving our sails has ceased. I like you struggled against the top tier of tanks and the Whale teams. While I learned to battle and eventually win with a decent rate. I also chased these tanks and aspired to be the Whale.
However for all the reasons you so well laid out and the “ahhh ha” moment that has since followed regarding the lack of respect I feel for the time, effort and money I’ve put into this game I’ve gone completely Free to Play as of the moment what I felt was a theft occurred!
All of the spending within my house hold has stopped. Everyone in my alliance has also stopped spending and the ranting and complaining about the game and the greed of the developers has taken over chatting about gameplay and strategy. For now we have all decided not to throw in the towel and continue playing for the sake of the Alliance that we feel so strongly about. For me I can see the writing on the wall though. With the lack of energy and drive to commit to working so long and hard on something like a single hero that literally takes unbelievable effort to level max and integrate into a team with synergy and emblems to then believe it will be swiped out from under you has all of us in the alliance less active and therefore prone to lose in wars or to Titans. We will slowly fracture under the losses and be no longer.
To me none of this makes any sense. Why would the developers drive players like myself and the only others I actually know to play for free. I just can’t understand how with all I’ve read and from what I can tell at least within this forum community and the #NoNerf push within the game why the destruction of these hero’s came to be. Honestly It baffles me! My feeling is if Telluria and Vela were to over powered then buff up current hero’s to deal with them or to help weaken the synergy. Do some real work to develop hero’s going forward to counter these hero’s. These new hero’s will be chased and coveted. People will spend and play. They will complain about the cost and the grind but they will buy gems and grind away as we always have!
If you Buff your essentially giving more bang for your buck. If you Nerf you are stealing.
No one likes to feel something has been stolen from them but everyone loves something extra! This should be a simple to understand Development strategy…
A trophy for everyone and catering to the cry’s will never work as you likely will come to see that you have come to bite the hand that feeds you!
This game as it was designed is free to play but has never been free to succeed…



I did that as soon as Nerf was confirmed in Tely and Vela … Now they won’t see any more of my money. I was not born to be stolen and still help those who steal from me. enough!


I have got to exactly the same position. I am not going to pull unless the pool includes a hero that would greatly improve my roster.
The best pull now seems to be the costume event, but even that will run dry soon

It’s 30 pulls for $40 Canadian?

Based on current exchange rates, that seems accurate. $30 USD is roughly equal to $42 Canadian.

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I wish I was more qualified to reply to that, not having any way touched game design.

  • Increase communications about their big picture vision and changes to achieve those on a calendared basis (1x a year?) [make us rally to achieve milestones together or make us feel like we can trust we are a part of their journey in growing the game.]

  • Communicate the “why” behind their changes in the context of increasing overall quality of gaming. (Eg. I want to trust that nerfing titanium shields is for the betterment of players, but without given context everyone immediately speculates they are getting ripped off.)

  • Do not react to the community by nerfing heroes as a bandaid (instead root out underlying issues that can help game balance over time and communicate those plans to user community)

  • set an annual cadence (1x ?) a year where they release nerfs/buffs by calendar (and the full spectrum of heroes is considered to adjust for changing meta.) That way it’s not a tidal wave of toxicity that influences the changes, but their companies leadership and vision setting the pace.

  • Balance out growing gap from FTP to P2W on Heroes
    / lighten the chokehold on ascension mats for S1, so players can ascend S1 dupes and use them (VS griping about not pulling the newer 5*). This can increase The utility value for those S1 heroes. [players can chase after the new shiny releases, or they can pivot towards creating deeper rosters of usable S1 heroes]
    / balance out odds or curation of special summons events - so players aren’t eating the same 3* they get from everyday sources
    / cap the number of draws for every player can make for HOTM to level the playing field and avoid an over proliferation like Telluria
    / release some cool unique 4s designed to be interesting HOTM Throughout the year to minimize the inevitable and unavoidable power creep (Why do all HOTM have to be 5s?)

  • Increase the value of deeper rosters (create more opportunities to use 3 and 4* heroes)
    / TBH I gotta admit they are progressing here with raid tourneys and events like Taverns

Restructure The Raid section of the game.
(Left field idea that others may hate but, a lot of griping comes from people focusing on the negatives on raiding like the Tell tanks…)

  1. Turn the RAID section into an ongoing calendar of 5* tourneys (up to 5*). >> Forcing the community to change tanks and lineups every month to meet new rules… which will take away “the grind” of raiding monotony.

  2. Convert the tourney section to be a rotating calendar of Three and Four star tourneys ONLY (allowing the community to be using their 3/4s all year round - increasing their value with more usage)

That is all.
Stay thirsty my friends


Gotta admit that’s a good deal.

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It is. It’s one of the best summoning deals they’ve offered in a while. They should do those more often.

That being said, you still have a 98.5% chance of pulling a vanilla TC20 hero on each pull. It’s a good deal because it had to be a good deal, because even the heavier spenders are starting to tire of paying full price for mostly feeder heroes.

They’ve basically put Tavern of Legends coins on the clearance rack. That act alone speaks volumes.


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