Going Couchsurfing part 2 looking for a place to lay my head for a bit

Sorry nope. As listed I want low titans 7star range 8 max. No point me moving to somewhere which is around same level of titans I’m fighting now.


Have you done Tc11? That requires no mats.

I’d pitch my alliance but we are on 9* - though I will say some members don’t do titans and we’re fine with that and certainly you’d be fine to just hit and not use items.

If you want more info lmk

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Hey, @Kilted, we’re hitting 8 - 9 titans, with the ocasional 10, but that’s due to the fact that we often have 10 or more members not hitting at all. We’re casual and reaxed, make no drama out of things, war isn’t a must and not using war flags might go unnoticed if it doesn’t become a habbit or the war is won. We’re Ithilien Alliance, perfect place to lay low.

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Hi Kilted! You are welcome to couch surf with us at Hungry Wolf Pack. We’re a low key casual alliance, capped at 7* titans. Stay for a short while or stay for a long while, no problem.


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Thanks for the offers, I’ll keep them all in mind for when I make my decision.

@Shunt yeah I use tc 11 on occasion its just so unreliable slow when I have so many heroes I want to level.

In fact my map game has sunk so much I didn’t do any of the winter event other than advanced and haven’t even been bothering with rare quests recently.

Hi @Kilted

I was in EPU with @Shunt before I changed my alliance 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t recommend EPU highly enough! Great alliance, great friends, no drama! I miss my team :innocent: I’m sure you would be more than welcome there. I might go back one day :green_heart:

Hope you find what you are seeking for! Good luck


Check out VoidBringers. No drama, great helpful group. Use flags if opted in war. Hit titan when you can.
We also have a Line group. Not mandatory

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I am camping in a cemetery with a buddy to finish off current pov.

Titan now 5* (we got lucky with boards). We try to hold at 4*/5* rare.

War is FFA of course. Use all flags.

If you want to come chill with us for 2 weeks, (only need to clear that 24 war flags chslldnge after today’s war), let me know.

Come visit The Ghost Ship! :slightly_smiling_face: (we are voting now)


seconded, thanks @sft1965 , @Kilted if you’d like to pop in we’d be glad to have you - mainly 6* Titans, we can string 7*s to a point, no pressure to hit the Titan or use items.

Wars are optional, though we ask those opting in to use all flags (currently have 3 warriors spread across the globe: USA/Netherlands/Australia lol).

Chat is not super active, though most of the actives pop in and say hi a couple of times a day and do some little chit chat.

Mainly USA-based folks, then there’s me in the Netherlands, and @sft1965 and @Sarah2 's alt over in Australia/NZ.


Well that’s me sorted quickly.

Thanks @Ian487 , @BlackZed , @Scotp , & @Deinoki for the offers. ( & @Shunt and @Muchacho also) This may be a two stage process so somewhere down the line I might catch up with yourselves too.


thanks for choosing us, and happy to have you on board for however long you wish :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your new home :two_hearts:


I think many of us are in the same boat …
Been going that long and at times need to be invigorated…
I wish to luck in finding a great alliance that meets your game needs


Hey there! You sound like you could fit in well with us. My partner and I recently left our alliance and started our own more laid back group. We are laid back and like to laugh and active in game when not working. Currently only on 4* titans as we just started this 10 days ago and only 4 of us!! Feel free to check us out @ Turkeys are Purple (name is a work in progress! Lol)


Okay, I just read you already found a home – good luck and keep us in mind if it doesn’t work out!!


Let’s join forces @JGE

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Where are you now? I recently read that you had moved alliances. Hope it was a success and that you are ok. Take care


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