Going Couchsurfing for a while

So after this weekends war I am going to be looking for somewhere to rest my head for a bit while I get my head together. I will eventually move back to my current alliance cos I’ve been with them for about 2yrs and they are family, but I think I’ll be away at least for the length of the next path of valour.

This is me:

I am looking for somewhere a bit of step down from where I am at the moment. About 7-8* titans (9 if rare). I’ve not had the desire to map and grind for mats for crafting so not looking for minimum score requirements and also I may miss a couple of titans in a row at times while I am fixing my head, but if I am online during a titan I will hit with all my flags. War is my favourite part of the game and am willing to fit in to whatever strategy required (as long as it doesn’t involve me setting times to attack in the middle of the night or while I am in work) if you want pics of my roster let me know.


Hey @Kilted - hit me up on Line or discord (IDs are in my link below). We may be able to work something out for you for a bit. We are a small group, but hitting 7* titans. So may be a good place if you want to chat about it.

TBD: Part Deux - Looking for active players


Hey Kilted. We’d love to have you join our fun alliance. We are hitting 9* titans, will give you a better chance of useful loot. Use all war flags and hit that titan as often as possible, them’s the rules that’s it. I’ll welcome you personally!

Try De Raptors.


Hi Yates, thanks for the offer. I am slightly worried that as you are a 9 member team me missing occasional titans or not having crafted enough due to not mapping consistently may impact things for you guys?


Hi Chadmo, Just had a look at your group in the game. Are you guys from T-Dot? When I left Canada in 2010 The Raptors were just starting the false rise under Colangelo but I was always more of a Jays fan (many evenings in the dome)

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The group started from a member in Europe who’s son loves dinosaurs…go figure lol. We have members from all over, one is from Canada.

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I wasn’t a fan of hte Jays when Joe Carter hit that winner off of the Phiiles. I have the Phils and the Under in that game! Cost me 200 bucks!

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We’d love to have you. I’ll open the drawbridge when you are ready

Your call @Kilted. You could always come by for a visit. If we ever need a little help with finishing a titan off, and no war is going on, I will get a couple of mercs to help. And we use good judgement on titans, and have some teammates that crush certain colors, and we also pass occasionally when we need to reset our flags.

Let me know what you think. I can always bring you up to the other leaders.

Hi, you can check us out :slightly_smiling_face:

@Chadmo I’ll be along on Sunday after war ends. Got a chest to help the team open.

@Yates1876 I’ll keep you in mind if I go travelling again in the future.

Same with you as well @Wilhelmine

@moderators if one of you want to close this that’s fine.

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See you then kilted. Our two Scottish players are happy to chat with you!

Hopefully will see soon🙂

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