Going ahead with Gregorion?

Hi folks,

I just happened upon my 8th Sturdy Shield today. I have 8 Tonics in my possession. Would it be wise to spend them on Gregorion? Some more info:

  • I have 2xTC20 running so Lianna can show up (other heroes from S1 are not as good as Greg in my eyes).
  • I would like to put him in raid defense, considering he would be my second fully ascended 5*. Other than that, he would be obvious choice for titans (with Gadeirus he could rock, no pun intended)
  • I am kinda weak at green. My only fully ascended Epic/Legendary there is Hansel, who is argauply pretty good, but some backup would be nice. I have second Hansel if anyone thinks it is better to work on him.
  • I have 2 Tomes. One is reserved for Magni when I get that last damned telescope for him. I have 6 Tabards and plenty of Trap Tools if Sarthana/Domitia shows up too. So the question is whether to consume my last not-booked tome (this time the pun was intended) on Greg or not. Damascus Blades are not issue, and I am aware there is Tome coming in Far From Home Pass Quest in about three weeks.

He is currently at 2/60. What do you think? When I asked something similar it was advised to me not to wait with mats that much (unless the hero in question is really bad, like Thorne in my side), and I kinda agree it kind of takes joy out of the game if one waits too much.

Greg is a little dissapointing on defence :frowning:
On attack he makes a lot more difference than most people imagine and he is really great for titans. Crit buffs add alot of damage.

I have a maxed Greg (was one of my first 5*) He isn’t the best green in exsistance, but even if I ever get lianna I would choose greg over her, because of his effect on tile damage for the whole team


I’d go ahead. Lianna could take a long time and he’ll improve your team significantly in the short/mid term while you wait. He is a solid card.


I have Greg too and I use him all the time, attacking.

A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the summoning portal. If he’s going to help you slay titans, win raids and wars then he’s going to help you get more mats while you’re waiting for the elusive Lianna. You could run your TC20s and get Lianna next week, or it could be a long wait. I’ve had mine going for… 10 months and no Liannas so far.

P.S. Thorne is not that bad anymore :wink:


I have Greg and I’m giving him emblems. I’m not saying he’s the best green hero to have but my new attitude is … dance with the ones you’ve got :rofl:


Mines puked 4 Lianna for me in about 12-14 months…no Magni, Viv or Richard, though.

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Ok guys, thanks a lot. I will ascend him fully. I have also 236 Archer emblems, so I can give those to him (no real archer in my team).

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I love Gregorian. That crit extra is really helpful. One in every 3 tiles does double damage. He’s great for your titan team, or world stages. I’m strong in greens - Mother North, Tarlak, Evelyn, but Greg is used the most.

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