Goblin village mob translation (at least to Russian)

Dear devs,
Translation for mobs in Goblin village is beyond lazy.
It’s just a phonetic transcrition, which is not acceptable.

It’s like I’d had a mob “медведь” in my game, and translated it to English like “medved”.
While it’s a “bear”.

@PlayForFun , @Petri , kindly ask to

  1. Correct mob names (I’ll give a correct translation below);
  2. Check other languages;
  3. Tell your translator that it’s not acceptable in the future.


  1. Malevalent pig
    Current: “Мэлевэлент пиг”
    Correct: “Злобная свинья”

  2. Training dummy
    Current: “Трейнин дамми”
    Correct: “Тренировочное чучело”

  3. Bomb snail
    Current: “Бом снейл”
    Correct: “Улитка-бомба”

  4. Battle grub
    Current: “Бэттл граб”
    Correct: “Боевая личинка”

  5. Bomber bat
    Current: “Бомбер бэт”
    Correct: “Летучая мышь-бомбардир”

Screenshots are below:



I am putting it to mod chat.

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