Goblin Village - Maths Fail?!

Why only give 180 coins? Is it really too much to ask that the number of coins can give a whole number of pulls?

Just again showing how out of touch SG are with their users. If you want evidence of this the last MT had about 60% of the players compared to a year earlier.


They are not out of touch with the users, they are very much in touch with their wallet. Giving you 180 coins makes it extremely enticing for people to just buy a little pack to make it to 200 coins.
I am honestly surprised they have so far been “nice” enough to hand out full pulls in many portals.

I think the uneven numbers started with those crystal portals for the alpha aethers and I would expect no more even numbers in any future new portals… It is however much more difficult for SG to reduce the amount of coins handed out in old portals, so I expect those to stay the same. And since the portals are old anyway and there are so many ways to acquire small amounts of coins, by now everybody has uneven numbers of coins anyway, so it doesn´t matter so much anymore what they hand out. But new portals where everybody starts from zero, are not likely to hand out 200 coins exactly (unless you need 250 for a pull lol).


Wasn’t TOL also uneven?

Sorry can´t remember, it´s been too long.

Why be good at math when you can plan 2 steps ahead? it’s so you spend and spend on stuff. Why do you think super elemental portal gives you 2 pulls and then gives an offer with 8 pulls? To make you pull for the bonus chest at the end as well

It was. Like 20-ish coin “to spare” with each iteration.

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Tavern was 210, which means you get a bonus pull every 10th one.
This one has 180, which means you lose a pull 1/5 times.

Tiny difference raises strong sentiment.


Why give the players a second pull when they can do so well with one.


This is really not nice…why couldn’t you just give us the damn 2 pulls for completing this event is beyond me.

2 pulls! Game breaking 2 pulls.


Fully agree, the fact that they give 180 coins instead of 200 is a disrespectful and shameful attitude. They’re completely killing F2P players.

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While i agree that it should be 2 pulls provided i got boots and goldie on my ftp account (saved gems) so on a personal level they have been very kind to this ftp player


I think the math fail is on your side - in about 5 contests, you’ll have 9 complete pulls. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And in about 40 years you may even have drawn a double 5* goblin pull just from coins! Think of the possibilities!


F2P player with an MBA, here:

It’s hot dogs & buns again. Or discounts that require a coupon. Or IKEA’s floorplan.

IOW, they’re psychologically manipulating you to invest more time & money in the game.

Almost all sellers do something like that. Pick up Paco Underhill’s Why We Buy for some further insights.

While you’re absolutely right that reading a book by an expert on the topic is/could be beneficial for many, I’m not sure that most need it to realize that the world we live in is based on addiction to consumerism. Starting with the US market which explains the debt an average person is in at any given point in time.

Just the whole concept of sales. Do you really save 20% on an item you bought if you only bought it because it was on sale?

OTOH someone who bought it at full price overpaid by 20% … :thinking:

Aren’t you still spending 80%? Always thought it was strange calling spending (on sale) saving.

You are spending 100% of what it cost you to buy it. But if you were not going to buy it at full price, where is this 20%?

Maybe i always wanted it but refused to buy it because it was too expensive.

That 20% brought it into a more acceptable price range.

My saving is against the usual cost.

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When looking at something that’s “on sale” - always remember the difference between cost, value and price.