Goblin feature should cost less

With the amount of things seasoned heroes already pay for the balloon should be reduced for all. Maybe like 1$ it costs money after fighting for the chests so how is it really a reward?

I would rather have the Goblin feature to cost players nothing but gain everything in those crates collected for the balloon. That, I would be happy to give my vote for.


@Ultra yes I have to agree. I too would be happy if I could claim all the rewards in the Goblin Feature without paying the extra.
The final cost for the hire tier rewards just isn’t worth it


Yeah that would be awesome but we know that would never happen.

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Should cost 1.99 and only if you want the mystery chest. Otherwise free would be nice lol. However, they be eaten alive by the mega corporations if they gave us anything for free. They can’t show weakness… :neutral_face:

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Make it cost 1$ for 3 or less crates 1.50 for 4. 2.00 for 5 crates and bonus Chest.

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we all agree they would make more money by lowering the price. Lower cost equal more sales…

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