Goblin Crate Recycled - Loot vanished

On recycling full goblin crate - loot appeared. Claimed it - but nothing appeared in Inventory.

Confused :confused:

Probably there was no 3 star item or above. :slight_smile:


Recycled loot is so insignifiant you just might miss it. Anyway you should check your recent activity log and see what it says.


As detailed

Items (non 3 star) shown as loot - did not appear in normal inventory.

I had viewed the inventory just before recycling the Goblin Crate. So items should have been flagged. No new items flagged or added to inventory.

Example - Leather strip was one of the recycled grate loot items. I had used all of previous leather strips prior to recycling the goblin crate. But no new leather strip appeared or flagged in ordinary inventory

Still confused :confused:


Ouch that’s bad. Haha :joy:

It’s junk, man. Don’t stress it.

Lol. No ‘stress’ man. Jus reporting bugs :beetle:

Same problem. Impossible to get items from opened box.

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