Goblin crate from yesterday disappeared

I got a goblin crate last night and another this morning yet the balloon only shows a single crate.

Are you sure you got goblin crate this morning.?

My chest didn’t get me today’s crate.

Yes I was
Excited to see number 2 drop but when it went to the balloon there was only one.

Did you by chance purchase your crate yesterday? Can you share some screen shots so we can see what you are seeing?

I have looked all over the forum for the thing you say is pinned that tells how to post a bug. But can’t find it, so I’m throwing this in here just in case. My goblin balloon was full but I didn’t notice it. The next time I got a crate from a level, it said my balloon was full. So I went to the balloon and click on it. It’s a very pale green and just spins around. It will not let do anything with the goblin balloon…

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