Goblin balloon is frozen

Not noticing my balloon was full it gave me a 6th one during an event and said the balloon was full. When I click on the balloon it has the spinning thing like it is trying to load but won’t let me do anything. Has been like this for 3 weeks. Afraid to log out and
back in because all I have is the user named that the game assigned.

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Have you opened the boxes you can either buy the ballon products or recycle the ballon as its full. Maybe try that?

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It will actually be interesting to see what happens with this.

You know how things gray out and you can’t access any of the functions? Well this is pale green and the goblin crate says to open it but when I do it just flashes and nothing else. Just stays hung up. Phone will not make a screen shot while goblin balloon is on screen.

I am not actually receiving the items from my goblin crates

Please #contact-support so we can investigate this further.

I’m old and it’s too hard to figure out how to contact support on this stupid phone. I’m a PC man. I’ll just do without the goblin balloon. Thanks anyway.

Same thing happening here now.

Idem, ça mouline et rien ne se passe. Entre temps je reçoit d’autre caisses qui sont perdues.
Il faut régler ça rapidement.

If this is a bug forum and other people are having the same problem then why do we have to contact support? This bug forum is a waste of time. Why even have it.

Can’t collect the balloon…

I don’t have an answer but this seems very similar to this previous report:

There SGG asked the user to contact support for help.

Thanks for the reply!

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