Goblin Balloon -- General discussion, complaints, venting etc... :)

This literally just happened to me, flying high all yesterday with a big crash. Then all of a sudden I got ungodly amount of shields all in a row, would’ve taken a shot but it happended all so fast and I got caught up in the moment.
I truly do believe there is absolutely nothing “random” within this game, because if that were the case there would be someone somewhere out there pulling 5*s 99% of the time.

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The goblin balloon came a bit before the emblem rework. SG then waited a while before they changed the balloon to adjust for the buff. They eventually did a 2x adjustment but some other places in the game got 3x. The balloon has always been a terrible deal though.


My thought to make the horrid balloon better is to be able to drop chests like ballasts…so when I inevitably get a silver chest that has trash in it, I can just drop that. Of course, we would all fill up on GOLD chests. They could even charge a small food/iron cost (no gems please) to release the trashy silver chest. At the current configuration, I would guess that the purchase rate is VERY VERY low.


PLEASE MOVE THIS TO APPROPRIATE HEADING. I searched but didn’t see this specific complaint & tbh I refuse to waste more of my time looking for it.

I’ve bern playing for 3+ years for 2 alliances. The changes in loot over the years is noticeable, we understand this is a for profit business. The goblin balloon is not usually worth the money, but okay at times. I am however insulted & annoyed to get a goblin chest of any *** as loot for other completed tasks.

I am co-leader/leader and spend a lot of time recruiting & encouraging other players but SG doesn’t make it easy to keep everyone playing & positive.

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It doesn’t replace anything, it’s extra.

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Lost count of the number of times I’ve recycled baloon only for iron & ham.
As it takes so long to fill and gets in the way of duck hunting, why not make recycling give 1 of the items rather than monster type chest loot?

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