Goblin Balloon -- General discussion, complaints, venting etc... :)

The same with me. The fourth crate from my first and second ballon is an epic crate.

Can we have an option of VIP dragon pet burning it to the ground and angry villagers stomping the goblin?


I must be stupid, cause I do not get it why this is worth 5,49 euro… This is my second balloon I am gonna “pop”

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My second Ballon =

2x Yellow 3* Trainer
5 Fighter Emblems
5x Timestops
10x Loot Tickets

No 4* crate, I assume the last one will be, or maybe not.

I almost wet myself when it tried to sell me 5 barbarian tokens for $2.99AUD (~$2USD). :rofl:


Finally after some weeks of experience with this … balloon I must express my dislike. This thing is unbelievable. What the heck is the purpose. Every bad expression above is correct.
Yes … it is in the way hunting ducks … why?
Yes the price for the junk loot is unbelievable high … why?
Why do you invent such a obvious cash cow without any reasonable benefit for the player? You must not be upset when people think the only reason for SG at the moment is gaining dollars.

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I needed a few weeks to make up my mind too, and noticing the pattern, I really do not like it. It seems the loot worth ‘the most’ is only granted with the last chest you get and open, and with that, trying to ‘fool’ you into paying the largest amount of money possible to claim it.

I appreciate the option to recycle it, which I have been doing, so I suppose it´s more ‘free loot’ for those who go that way :slight_smile:

If SG could just move the Goblin balloon to the right, my dragon can torch it & send it to earth crashing down in flames (that would be worth $1.99 to see)


So, did anyone see the Legendary crate? Or it is just that - a legend? Possibly Urban Legend of Zelda? Because I find it hard to believe the stuff exists. There are many people on the forum - enough for few off them to land new legendary hero the first day of his/her/its release. Yet nobody here has seen this stupid box or chest or whatever it is since the day this balloon smells around the castle. SG, what the hell?


An hilarious example of price disparity. EDIT $AUD What ARE they thinking? :thinking:


That’s a horrible balloon.


It’s what I’ve been saying all along, this thing is a waste of money!

In USD, the first option is usually $2 (IIRC…)

It’s usually something like 5 emblems, a few battle items, maybe a couple of costume keys etc.

Let’s just stick with emblems though for a general reference. $2 for 5 emblems.

Compared to: 1 month of VIP. $5.

1 month of VIP gives you:

  • 30 days of 2 builders
  • 30 additional common summons
  • 30 emblems
  • 90 loot tickets
  • 900 gems

You don’t have to take my word for it when I say that this balloon is a really bad deal. Do the math for yourself.

Don’t be a sucker.


@TGW I just made it visual -lol-


Second recycled balloon was as dissapointing as the first one. Ham, iron, potions, arrows.

I want to burn that ugly damn thing. It doesn’t fit with the clear skies of my castle :expressionless:


Love it!

Yeah I remember when it first came out, and people were like “but you get free loot when it’s finished! Some people even got unfarmables in their recycled loot! TGW why iz u always knocking free loot?”

Free loot? Free loot? Loot?

I have yet to see these illustrious unfarmable mats that many have claimed to have gotten from recycled loot. I keep tossing these stupid balloons into the recycling shredder and getting the equivalent of what I would get from a typical very disappointing monster chest.

“But it’s extra lootz…”

Is it? Is it really, now?


I’ve given up on wasting my time raging against the balloon. It is apparently here to stay and will never ever go away. Just another pop up ad / “buy dis!” icon thingy cluttering up my screen that I’ll choose to ignore. I’ve got bigger fish to fry now. Not that I’m getting anywhere with that either. I’m trying to fry the fish and SG keeps force feeding me mercury-laden, worm-ridden sushi and poisonous pufferfish.

They don’t listen. They don’t care.

I used to think it was because I wasn’t in beta, or because I wasn’t spending enough money.

But as it turns out. They don’t even listen to people in beta, or people who spend lots of money either.



Exactly lol.

And let’s be honest. This balloon is an obvious cash grab with terrible loot in it. It’s bad even from a f2p point of view.

Anybody would get the same “free loot” from a random S1 map.


Rage Against The Balloon should be the official metal band name for c. Tibs, c. Kiril and company :joy:


I was happy when I recycle the 2nd Balloon and it disappeared, only to get a crate the next day.


There is an upside!! They value (exchange rate) the most ordinary mystic vision at about $0.50 ranging up to $2.50 based on that balloon of fools…

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I’ve gotten 4* unfarmable mats from Mystic Vision. I’m guessing those are probably valued much higher than $2.50.


“Oh TGW… you exaggerate so much.”

Do I though? 15 minutes = 30 Mystic Visions.

Go ahead. Test it for yourself. Track your Mystic Vision loot over the next 30 MVs you watch. Add it all up.

Compare that loot to what you could get from Boblin Galloon or cash shop. Estimate a dollar (or Euro or whatever) value for it.

You know, I’m always saying things here based on my own experience, and people here are always like “post spreadsheets as proof!” I’m just an average player, I’m not going to keep spreadsheets on everything because no one is paying me to do that, and what would be the point anyway? Just to be able to “prove that I’m right” in an internet argument? Oh, yay. Even if I did go to all that trouble, someone would still argue that my results were inconclusive.

Whatever. All I know is what I’ve personally experienced. I try to weed out my own “confirmation bias” when it comes to discussions like rigged boards, because although I have had many boards myself that seemed to be rigged, I’ve also had several that were fairly good. So I don’t bother wasting my time delving into those types of conspiracy theories, because they’re impossible to prove either way.

I suppose it’s also impossible for me to prove that Boblin Galloon is a huge waste of your money. Which is why I’m asking you to test and compare it for yourselves.

I tried to get you all to take my word for it, but “oh that’s just old TGW, he hates everything about E&P, don’t listen to him.” Right. Don’t listen to me. At all. Look into it for yourselves. Come to your own conclusions.

Just don’t ever say that I didn’t warn you.


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