Goblin Balloon -- General discussion, complaints, venting etc... :)

Of course it isn’t in the way, and there is still room on the right to put another balloon, and as I mentioned in the water, and there is a lot of free space in the quest area, AND it’s quaint that only 1 ad appears on your screen shots, mine often has 3, and has in the past had up to 5. So I have a bit of built up ad bile in my system…oh yes, and the nag screens as you enter, or reenter…there is a bit of that too.

But hey, you are 87% correct, it mostly isn’t in the way so it dosen’t matter, right?

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Like I said, I can understand a financial gripe. It’s truly stuff behind a paywall.

But it’s not in the way.

For me it’s just another monster chest unless I get a 4* mat and then I’ll consider it. I think when fill it was £5.99 to buy and if there’s a 4* mat in that that’s a cheap one as far as I’m concerned. If not it’s recycled for food and iron.

I’ll always take more food and iron so I’ll look for the bright side

I don’t mind the goblin balloon. likely wont buy any ever. just figure to recycle it for extra ham and iron which i’m always in need


For me goblin balloon is Just another place to take ham and iron. Always recycle.


Put me on the don’t like it side. The first time it popped up I waited to open the crates until I had 5. I poked and prodded, trying to find how to get the stuff…

Nope. Can’t do. It’s not just the mystery item you’re paying for, it’s ALL of it. So I hit recycle and when it says small amount of loot it means microscopic.

Waste of space for F2P and overpriced stuff most paying players already have a load of. And much of it can be crafted for zero money by high level F2P who have the patience to wait on collecting the gems and mats.

If SG was holding a vote on the Goblin Balloon I’d vote to get rid of it.

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I could not resist this for the goblin balloon


I completely agree!!!


I think SG could add a new option to GoblinBalloon, the disable button!

The most useless feature of the game imo.


Nothing free about it

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You can recycle it for free and I got gloves from this, so yes, it is free loot.

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This is hands down the worst thing in this game. First you have to beat RNG to get something cool and then you have to buy it still. Though, on second thought, still better than pull mechanic where you buy something first and then you may get something useful.


hey man, please do not give SG new ideas… that would be worse, yeah… so, zip it -lol-

Ah we now see where this game is going. They say hey check this out collect these crates and receive mats you can use. Once you collect 5 and see what’s in them then the trickery is afoot, to get those items you have to pay out. If you don’t party out then you can recycle them for things you already get from farming. Once again devs you show your hand trying to get our $$$ while touting that it’s a free game.

Congratulations, you have offered the makers an incentive to examine your needs and turn down the odds of getting it naturally, and they will then sell you them. The loot needed has been slowed way down over the years. This is partly why. You are part of the problem, you are the participant in your own mugging, sadly that mindset of paying for those items makes it worse for everyone.

Oh, just so you know £ are worth more than the $. You are paying more for the same thing as well.

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If you look really close, ALL of the ducks are male, copy/paste, copy/paste, all day, copy/paste. Also those ducks are as big as pigs. I’ve tried to shoot them down onto the villagers, but it always misses. Also…the villagers are interesting in that the same village seems to transition from male to female to male, to female. I’m guessing too hard to make male AND female villagers, instead of a morphing one. Considering the hero artwork, it was a strange choice.

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Anyone remember the days when SGG said the majority of emblems possible in the game wouldn’t be from revenue generation efforts?

Wrong thread?

Why is this not a feature request? I could do that to blue mammoths! They are the bane of my game existence.


Isn’t that still true? Im probably missing a bit, but the below is off the top of my head


  • Trials (72/week)
  • Alkashards (10/weekish)
  • POV free (5/weekish?)
  • Events (20/weekish)
  • Elemental chests (10/weekish)
  • Random raid & monster chests & mystic vision (60/weekish, based on an average of
    1 per reward which is probably conservative)
  • Rare titans (10/weekish)

vs paid

  • Tournies (highly variable, 10/weekish)
  • VIP (7/week)
  • emblem packages (unsure)
  • goblin baloon (unsure)
  • POV paid (10/weekish?)

So, is it programmed that the 4th goblin crate will be a 4*? This is the second balloon in the row that it has been the case for me. Do the others see the same thing?

For me it was the 3rd chest in the 2nd balloon that was an epic one, so probably just random.

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