Goblin Balloon -- General discussion, complaints, venting etc... :)

Naja wie man wieder sieht ist der Goblin Ballon wieder mal auf Betrug zu Lasten der Spieler ?? Truppe ist nicht Level 20 nur Level 1… Betrug

Even if they only sell 1000 of them, they’ll have gathered $6k US in revenue for their effort.

I would not be surprised if they sell more like 100x that many.

So I would not expect to see the balloon ever disappear. Not if it’s pulling in a half a million dollars per appearance, which it may well be.

(calculations based on estimate of a million active accounts, and on 90% of the players hating the feature, therefore 10% still opening their wallets for it)

I hate the goblin balloon. Please get rid of this thing


That’s hard to know.

2 items already. Both 3*.

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I went ahead and gave you a like, because your post is factually correct.

But I still disagree with the idea that the only way a game like this can fund itself is via tempting people to overspend.

I’d much prefer a model where 500,000 players play for free, and 500,000 players spend $5 a month, vs. a model where 990,000 players play for free, and 10,000 of them spend $1000 a month.

Of course the company makes more money overall using the second model, but… by setting the spending bar so high, it makes it difficult for the rest of us to get stuff at a reasonable price (or through a reasonable time frame of grinding)…

I know, I know, I know. Nobody needs all the heroes.

For that matter? Nobody needs to play video games in the first place.

Part of the fun of this game is collecting and leveling up new heroes.

Setting a combination of high gem prices + low summoning odds essentially guarantees that low and non spenders will never get most of the heroes in the game. And that makes me sad.

Also makes me sad that some people spent a bunch of money trying to get those heroes and still didn’t get them… essentially they wasted a lot of money. It is of course their money to waste, but think of all the other things they could have done with that money. Especially those who spent beyond their means because they got drawn in by the allure of “oooh fancy heroes, must have! must summon 'til I get them!”

… then opening their credit card statement a month later…

“OHHHH @#$% I SPENT HOW MUCH??? Uh oh…”

Yes I know I’ve veered well into off topic territory here, but the same applies to the Goblin Balloon. The prices for many of these so-called items are way too damn high IMO.

Of course, value is in the eye of the beholder… that’s the only reason I made the millionaire comment, because some people don’t mind paying a lot of money for very little, because they have a lot of money to spend. But I don’t have a lot of money to spend. So I have to carefully consider the actual value of every purchase I make.

Actual value is subjective, but overall I take several factors into consideration.

One: what is it worth to me? Is it worth it to spend $5 to add one emblem level to one of my 4* heroes? Ummm no, I don’t think so… at that price, it would cost me tens of thousands to fully emblem all of my heroes.

Two: is that the normal “going rate” for other video game items of similar value? No, I can get a lot more value from other game purchases at the same price… even within E&P itself.

Three: is the item “intrinsically worth that price” - that is, did it actually cost E&P $5 to create those emblems? That’s a more complex equation there… first of all, it obviously cost a lot more than $5 for them to develop and implement the concept. But once implemented, they can make infinite copies of them at will. And secondly, yes, they’re supposed to make a profit off of their work. So the question then becomes, how much profit are they making from each sale? And how much profit is “reasonable” per sale? (the latter of course being subjective, but I consider almost anything over a 25% profit margin to be unreasonable personally)

To further extrapolate on what I mean by profit: profit meaning the extra money earned AFTER paying server, material, rent, utility, taxes, fees, labor costs, etc…

In the case of SG’s own operations, I think they have already brought in far more money than they have paid out overall in expenses to develop this game. Like… probably at least 10x more (I’d estimate it to be more like 50x more, enough to theoretically keep the game running for free for another dozen years or so at least without ever bringing in another penny in profits).

But I digress. It’s a business. That’s what they do. They now have shareholders to answer to. It’s not enough just to keep the lights on and cut their employees a regular paycheck. They now needz more money to please their new investors. And that will only continue to get worse and worse until their investors decide it is no longer profitable enough to continue investing in. And at that point, the game will unfortunately die. :slightly_frowning_face:

EDIT: further information about myself… RE: why I have the audacity to try to understand how business works, considering that I don’t have a business degree myself…

My father is an investor. His father was a business owner. My grandmother on my mother’s side was a bookkeeper.

All of them became millionaires at one point in their lives.

Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit any of their money. But I did inherit some knowledge. And I’ve incorporated that knowledge into some of my previous jobs. In spite of being woefully unqualified to manage any business’s finances, several of my previous managers appointed me to unique positions where I was privy to their own financial information, with the intent that I could help them save costs. And I did. My last company alone, I came up with ideas that helped save them millions of dollars in losses every year (due to merchandise being lost or damaged), as well as newer more streamlined work processes that increased worker productivity by nearly 10%.

Not bragging, because it was simple stuff really, just simple stuff that the clueless managers didn’t know how to fix, because they had never done my job. It’s easy to identify issues with the process when you’re doing the job every day for years. And also, I was never paid anything extra or given a promotion for identifying those issues, so it was essentially as if I was paying them to work there. Why hire a Harvard grad with a fancy degree for 150k a year who knows nothing about the business when you can pull a 30k a year guy off the line and he can tell you all you need to know about fixing the stuff for free? I was a sucker who fell for it, with hopeless dreams that maybe I might be promoted based on my “problem solving skills” alone. Hah! LOL. Nope.

That’s just not how business works. My bosses all took credit for my ideas and they got promoted instead. Go figure.

But that’s a side rant. My point is: when you go to a store to buy something, you’re almost always paying far more than what it’s actually “worth”. Depends on the business. Some businesses only bring in barely enough to cover their basic expenses. In the case of SG? They’re bringing in far more than that.


Since we got the balloon, can we get item descriptions? Most of us know what everything is, but i opened the best chest and had option to pick which item I wanted. Think I put 100x tavern tokens in but be nice to know. Plus new players would benefit. (Diamond w/star?)

Oh yeah. Said fudge it and bought. Mystery crate = 2* trainer… lol. Wont be trying again

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Put your Goblin Balloon into your (_ ! _), SG. What a crap :face_vomiting:


What an couple of excellent E&P days, I have… Finished all quests, path of valor, etc,etc. But best thing is that I got none goblin crates still, so the balloon still is NOT appearing after I recycled it last week! TY TY TY, SG… keep it up

@Jura 1) it is to shove it in … 2) you mean -like in politically correct- that spot where the sun does not shine? -lmao- So, I agree with you there.

The saddest thing of this all is that SG actually develloped this bloody thing while the game still is lagging, being slow and sometimes freezes on me and other players since the doomsday wednesday. Some priorities, right… -sigh-


$2.79 CAD + tax for 5 dragon banners? What a joke. These are so easily made in the forge, who would ever pay for that? Chests should contain unfarmable or hard to come by items.


Turns out I don’t even have to vent or warn people about how stupid this balloon is. It speaks for itself.

All those who argued with me and insisted that this was a good thing, it’s “free loot”, etc.

Yeah well good job of convincing yourself. Good luck trying to convince everyone else. Because I don’t think anyone else is buying it (literally or figuratively).


Yes, some facts about this topic and we should put a lock on it:

  1. all has been said or vented
  2. it was NOT a discussion from the start anyway
  3. complaints enough so SG should do this: develop a button so you can remove the balloon + move it to a better spot (next to the wachttower)

Anyone who has already seen this balloon in action, and still thinks it’s a “keeper” raise your hands:

  • Raise hand, make it go away
  • Don’t raise hand, because I like it or I have too much money -lol-
  • Not raising hand (not sure yet or no opinion)

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So we CAN put a lock on this topic now right?! I borrowed the poll from @TGW

Let’s all vote, people!! TY

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Hmm… let’s see what I have to say to Mr. Boblin Galloon…


giphy (1)

giphy (2)

giphy (3)



tenor (1)


Yep. Think that about covers it. :slightly_smiling_face:


My wishes for the balloon creators


did anyone mentioned that unless you open them crates, you can’t recycle?
Have fun

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You do realise we don’t get all the same offers don’t you? They have only offered me emblems twice.

The stupid balloon is back on my screen. Seriously irritating view for an irritating and un needed functionality.

F…k all the managers who authorised the development of this feature.

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why cant they add this balloon as another thingy under the titan chest?
why does it have to stink up my skyline?
not to mention affect the duck migration patterns? I am calling Greenpeace!


Don’t think the balloon should appear until after it has 5 crates. Doesnt it leave to get the material? It can’t be doing its job just hovering over my castle. Whats really odd my villagers recieved a book from the goblins… "how to serve village people "… :thinking:

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When emblems are offered in the shop for 175 gems it appears in everyone’s shop. Now the other offers can differ from player to player, but not when the emblems are available.

I just wanted to vent that this goblin balloon thing was one of the biggest middle fingers small giant could have given us. Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to flaunt a reward in your face that you worked for to earn and then tell you that you can either spend $$$ to recieve said earned loot or you can recycle them for garbage free loot?

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