Goblin Balloon -- General discussion, complaints, venting etc... :)

The mystery crate is when you let the five crates build up, and they give you an extra “sweetener” to buy the lot. You can see the info if you press the info button when you open the balloon. You’ll only have the balloon if you’ve opened a chest since the update


Imagine they consider the “dragon pet” thing over your base a premium feature for VIP purchase. Now you have a balloon - basically for free. I consider this actually amazing.


So, this never got into beta, because since there is money involved and we can’t use money in beta we couldn’t see it (or so was the excuse).

If I had seen it in beta, I would say the following (as probably everyone would have):

  • this is another money sink. OK, fine, guess you didn’t have enough of those…

Let’s see what we have for F2P players here. When we fill 5 crates, we can get some free loot… OK, sounds fine, since it’s adding something… However, when you check what you can get for free and notice:

  • no emblems :-1:
  • no 4* ascension mats :-1:
  • no epic troop tokens (not even a remote chance of a 4* troop) :-1:
  • no epic hero tokens :-1:

It makes you feel pretty bad.

So, we are looking for:

  • less than a third of a S2, S3, challenge event or Legends summon :-1:
  • a fifth of a costume pull :-1:

Oh, and not all wanted mission will give you a chest, so can be a while…

In all honesty, I would rather not have anything than seeing that money grab all the time while expecting pretty much nothing in return.


I want to have the fire breathing dragon decoration instead of balloon…


I am reading …

The crates stay there until you buy the loot.

No free stuff. What the price is for the 5 crates no one knows, but then you can add money for a 6th crate as well.

Let me go read again cause Im a bit lost with this thing.

Okay from understanding.

Price you see is what you pay to receive the loot. The more opened loot, the more expensive. If you wait for 5 opened chests buying it also adds an additional mystery crate loot.


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My understanding is, when you will 5, you can pay for everything or open a free mystery chest that will probably give you crap.

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How did you get that list?
No way you’ve been able to get 5x crates already to recycle them.

The “mystery chest” list is a bonus crate you get when you Purchase the balloon.

It is NOT the recycling option.


Looks like the prizes you get from the normal chests are different from what’s in the mystery.

Yes…? The mystery crate is a bonus roll you get if you buy all 5 crates.


Well not all of us are as intelligent as you good sir. As aparent in many of the posts here.

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I don’t see a reason to vent in general since it’s more free loot, however bad it could be.

The visuals on the other hand…eh. I’m also indifferent.

Wasn’t intending anything. Was just clearing up any lingering confusion.

This thread (will) tracks the various items you can/ could get from the different crate types:

As yet I don’t think we have a great idea of all the stuff one could get from the crates :slight_smile:


But you didn’t need to buy first crate? :thinking: That was free. So is that mystery crate something yoy can buy after 5 crates?

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You don’t get any of the crates for free.

They drop as an extra loot roll in wanted chests. Then they are stored in the balloon until you either 1) buy them or 2) recycle it (when you got 5).

They mystery chest (bonus one) is a “reward” for purchasing all 5 crates.


Agree. A mod moved / tagged my post into this category. I just want that ugly thing out of sight tbo


yeah, not going to waste money on 4% change to get ■■■■ loot. I get enough of disappointment trying to summon something good.


I want to swipe at the goblin balloon so that it can fly left and right…something to sooth my twitchy fingers while waiting for the last 1or 2 minutes before the chest refresh. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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Okay, so it’s shows reward like those 50 legendary coins, what I got and then I have to deside to buy it or not to buy it, when it’s full?

I wondered what the chest was when I first saw it in my wanted mission loot.

I didn’t note the rariety of the chest, but it isn’t listed in my recents list, so I guess it was lower than a 3* chest. It contained two 3* trainer heros.

Do I want to pay £1.99 for a couple of trainer heros? Um, no, can’t say I do.

Will see what else the chests bring, and whether the price rises the more loot there is before I decide if I am going to be paying for this.

What I would like to know though, is whether, once you have open five chests, if they are all not worth it, what happens then. Does newer loot bump off the oldest? Does it reset after a certain amount of time? Or are you effectively stuck with a balloon full of stuff you don’t want?

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You can buy it at 1,2,3,4 or 5 crates. Price goes up slightly with each additional crate.

If you buy at 5 crates you also get the bonus “mystery” chest roll.

You can only recycle (for free) when you have 5 crates.