Gobbler - video

Anyone have a video of him in action? I would love to see exactly what a fairly well leveled to fully leveled Gobbler does in a real raid.

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Thanks madmarv. So are you happy you leveled Gobbler? Seems to do the job of clearing the minions well, but not that impressive other than that. Thoughts?

You got the general idea. Gobbler is a niche utility hero and his niche is in Alliance Wars. You won’t often see Delilah or Red Hood in raids unless you’re at a certain cup level. But in wars you have a much better chance of finding someone that uses either Del or Hood. Toth doesn’t count, his one minion doesn’t come out often enough and isn’t much of a threat or hindrance.

Gobbler’s main weakness is his low defense. In that first or 2nd video you can actually see Gobbler getting worn down faster than everyone else. Since it’s been a couple months and SG hasn’t buffed Gobbler, it’s fairly safe to assume that he will have that flaw forever. Therefore if you do intend to use Gobbler, you better have some kind of plan to protect him. He’s a 4* glass jaw that is meant to take on 5* tanks. I almost always pair Gobbler with Delilah now just so that I can get some minion armor on Gobbler.

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On your first video Delilah had mor than half her life plus riposte, how does she die?? Weird i didnt see any attack on her!

How does she receive so much damage?
It shows a counter attack of gravemaker and gobbler, how do they aquire a counter attack?

Looks like the counterattack bug that happened back in September on version 15.1.0


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