Gobbler hero. Mana speed not appropriate

Noted today that in case of Gobbler here there is something wrong with its mana speed.
According to description of card it should be AVERAGE hero.

Here is a picture of a team that I used for test:

During fight I carefully calculated tiles. First time mana build was using 12 tiles and didnt show anything). Second time I was able to ghost 3 tiles… (6). And then use 3 tiles on opponents (3). This should result in full mana bar for gobbler but wasn’t.
Mana speed % was (4% from talent + 7% from troop).
Despite of this 9tiles were not enough to fill the mana bar.

I have a movie in mp4 format but don’t know how to attach it.

No mana modyficators during attached part of fight.
Fight was performed today and was done intentionally because I noted poor mana speed gobbler performance in many other fights.

Well, 12 tiles should show even for a slow hero, so not sure if you were mistaken.
But to drop to 9 tiles, I believe you need 12% mana speed, so at 11% you’re just short.


Gobbler is average mana and will be able to fire his special with only 10 tiles. He can fire in 9 tiles if supported with a level 23 mana troop, or in 9 tiles if supported by a level 11 mana troop after fully embleming the hero.


Thanks for clarification. I thought 10% is enough as average is described as 10 tiles speed in many places. But it is tricky and threshold is 12%. So it is a false alarm.

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How did his charge compare to Melendor, another green average speed hero? You have him in costume fully emblemed at +20 so his mana bonus is either +5% or +7% depending on emblem path. Crit troops so no mana bonus there.

I was not focused on Melendor. Normally I put 7% troop on Melendor and it fires after 9 tiles. This is due to costume mana speed bonus. I was a bit confused with costume hero vs no costume comparison and in general I thought 10% is enough or slightly above but threshold is 12%

Melendor non-costume will get +9% mana. 5% from the costume bonus and 4% from the last node on Druid. While wearing costume, the only bonuses are the 5% from the costume bonus and an additional 2% if you go the path on Cleric that includes that node.

I was just curious if you found they charged at similar times. But you got your answer from others above so all good.

Math miracle, simplified explanation:
10 tiles to achieve 100% → 1 tile = 10%
If you increase mana charge by 10% each tile goes at 1 tile = 11% (10% plus 10% of 10%).
So 9 tiles become 99%, short of charging.

When you consider percentages it is way different to apply them on initial value or end value: if you lose 20% of your capital, you need a 25% ROI to break even :wink:

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Thats a great explanation. Thank you. Seems I did not apply % bonus at good place.

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