Gobbler Glitch?

In a war battle, an opponent Gobbler used his special and it wiped my whole team out… 4 of them had over 1,000 hp…

He was probably fully maxed and emblemed and his special was probably stacking on a special from any of Wu Kong, Ranvir, Miki, or Tarlak.

You catch a screenshot of the devastation?


FYI, Miki and Tarlak’s attack boost does not effect special skills, they only increase normal attack. :slight_smile:

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So basically if the buff icon is dice…?


You can stack? But not the “muscle arm.”


What about the angry face Khiona, Brienne, Namahage, and a few others do? It says increased attack but doesn’t specify “normal” or “special.”


Exactly… The buff from Miki and Tarlak only effects the normal attack, which means tile damage in offense or slash attacks in defense. Where as Wu Kong or Ranvir buff actually effects both normal and special attacks, with the caveat that you can miss :slight_smile:

Pay attention to the word “normal” on the SS description of Tarlak/Miki. All other attack buffers (Wu, Ranvir, Kiril, BT, Khiona, BK, Ares, Namahage, Brienne, etc…) don’t have this word on the description and hence effects both normal and special attacks.


So @CharleyB27, did the opponent that kicked your @$$…I mean beat you, did they have a maxed and emblemed Gobbler under the influence of a Critical Damage or Attack Boost?

If you don’t have a screenshot of the wipe out, can you provide a screenshot of the defense? We don’t need to see the player’s name or their alliance. Just crop the line-up with troops as I have done for one of our war opponents shown below…

Sorry I am being a little nitpicky here. But once again critical boosts don’t apply to special skill damage. The reason why I am doing this is because the OP specifically mentioned he got wiped out by Gobbler’s SS, which means normal attack boost or crit boost didn’t play any part in it. Otherwise, I think your theory is correct, he must been highly emblemed and might have been under the influence of some other attack booster. :slight_smile:

You mentioned Ares, so that threw me off.

Looking at buff icons…

So “Dice” or “Sword with Up Arrow” only.

Not “Muscle Arm” = Increases NORMAL Attack

And not

“Bullseye” = Increases Critical hit chance on a NORMAL Attack

Lol. I understand. But Ares does both. He gives nearby allies +54% attack boost and +36% crit boost. I quoted him because of the attack boost part of his SS. The crit bonus only applies to tile damage and slash attacks. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I saw that. The Bullseye seems less common among all heroes, so I always associate Ares with the Critical before anything else.

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Does your opponent have def down like trio Raming Pulverizer, like: Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek?
Or also attack buff like: Boldtusk, Kiril, Khiona, Ares, Wu, Ranvir?

Screenshot or video will help.


I had Elena at about half life
Rigard was full life, but it didn’t kill him
My fully emblemed Grimm was about full life
And my Kiril as about full life
I forget my 5th…

Their Wu Kong did have his spell in place…
But the damage was unreal… more than I see from 5 star AoE Heroes like Justice or Quintos

I had Wu Kong dead and the battle was going in my favor… then Gobbler special killed 4 of my heroes that, besides Elena, were not badly damaged

Gobbler has a crazy high attack stat, which is only further emphasised by the emblems.

Wu Kong essentially triples that damage output on targets that don’t get missed.


Ok… I guess I’ll chalk it up as a lucky hit. I’ve never seen anything like it

:point_up_2: this… only Wu active alone is crazy enough… (if does not miss).
but if with BT and Gormek also active, those trio will do more crazy damage. :boom:

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Haha wu n gobbler what a odd couple

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Yep, you got the perfect storm of Boldtusk’s Attack Boost, Gormek’s Defense Down, and Wu Kong’s probability of critical damage (which apparently was as successful as he could get for his allies) on top of a Gobbler+10 that amplifies a modest 155% damage to all enemies and likely further amplified with a high Attack Path on the Talent Grid.

Yeah, that’s unfortunate luck you fell into. Doesn’t happen a lot, but it does happen. Anzogh schooled my team under Wu Kong’s special about a month ago by the same criteria.


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