Goat Man or Obakan? And would like roster advice in general - much appreciated :)

Hello! This is a long post - thank you in advance to anyone taking the time to offer their thoughts. :slight_smile:

I’m a mid-game player having the classic dilemma of who to prioritize for mats.

Before you tell me neither to my first question of Grimble or Obakan, here’s a little about me:

  1. I’m vc2p, I sometimes have VIP Pass that’s it (I did rage buy POV pass once but never again. :stuck_out_tongue:)
  2. I have two TC20 running, one is on TC11 and the other is a flex between TC1, TC2, and rarely TC19
  3. One and two mean I have no idea when my next 5* is coming and I know better than to expect any specific heroes from this game.
  4. My goal in the game is to have fun and kick butt! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: In other words, I have always prioritized offense over defense - my defense can get kicked around but as long as I can revenge that’s mostly fine with me. :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. My alliance is coordinating green tanks for war so Tell will be my long term tank both for raids and war.
  6. Kiril and Wu are currently my leveling priorities - my questions are mainly for after they are maxed.

More infos:

Current defense:

Relevant current roster (I won’t show you my massive collection of 3*s hahaha):

Available mats:
7 blades, 2 scopes, 6 tonics, 6 rings, 6 darts, 5 tabbards, 6 tomes, 3 compasses, 9 gloves, 8 blades, 28 orbs, 13 shields


  1. Should I max Grimble or Obakan next? I plan to max both eventually. I’m thinking Grimble would be good for my tell raids (I already use him against Tell teams at 3.70) but Obakan would be more versatile and I do need more purple hitters. Also considering embleming Obakan and putting him on defense as Clarissa won’t get emblems for a long time because of Tell.
  2. Should I give rings to Elena or wait to see if anyone “better” shows up. Not thrilled about the idea of putting two slow ladies on defense (flanking Tell) but I feel like she would be really fun on offense when maxed! Or should I max Scarlett first then decide if I want to give rings to Elena?
  3. Elk next for tonics? Also in need of green hitters, too many AOE so having a cone hitter like Elk would be good addition. He’s competing with his sister Kadilen.
  4. Clearly still far off from this but Magni or Misandra for next set of scopes? They’ll also be competing for emblems - I’m thinking Magni since he hits hard and giving defense to Tell would be nice - eventually I’ll put Isarnia and Magni on defense and just nix Elena (unless I get faster red 5* haha)

Appreciate your time and feedback! :slight_smile:

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100% Grimble over Obakan. Especially if you run in him in a purple or part purple stack.

As you said he is effective in an anti-Tell configuration. I run him with C Rigard, C Tibs, C Quintus and Proteus combo and they do well against low and mid strength Tell teams

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You have made great progress considering the fact that you are a vc2p player. Well done. IMO, I would do the following with the thought that you work with what you have in the stable and can’t expect to get something better out of your TC20s for some time:

  1. I would go with Grimble. You will not regret it. He has been a regular in my various lineups for some time. Great in raids/wars when dealing with teams with minion-creating heros. And his use will become even more important as the number of minion-generating heros continue to pop up on various teams, events and tournaments.

  2. Scarlet would be an upgrade to Kelile. She is fast mana to Elena’s slow. You could move the Rogue emblems from Kelile and put them on Scarlet. Plus if you go with Magni over Misandra, Scarlet will not complete with Magni for emblems.

  3. Since your choices for Nature hitters are limited, Elkanen is a good choice. He is serviceable and fast mana. He may not be great for your defense, but he will be fine with your counter raids and attacking war teams. He’ll do for now until something better comes along.

  4. Once you have the scopes, I would go with Magni. He packs a huge bunch!

I hope this helps. Good luck and continue to have fun! :wink:


Great advise @JAWS1, but hellsss NO to that statement. I have both Scarlett and Kelile at emblem node 11 and Kelile does a much better job everytime.

Also, Scarlett caNNOT compete with Magni, they’re in different classes. Rogue and Fighter

Yes, Scarlett hits better but she dies faster. In using Scarlett for attack, the AI recognizes her weak ■■■ defense and all specials are targeted at her… Same AI ensures the dodge skill hardly kicks in.

@Itty I’ll advise you keep Kelile as is… Give your rogue emblems to useful heroes like G. Jackal, if and when you get them


I would rather go Obakan over Grimble, and that’s pretty much what i did for myself.

Obakan is a mediocre hero, but i really despise Grimble.

For gameplay i mean, nothing against goats.


Thanks everyone for input so far! Thank you @JAWS1 for the really thorough answers! :slight_smile: I think Scarlett will be the next red hero I’ll max after I finish Tusk’s costume. As far as emblems I think I’m still too attached to Kelile to consider resetting her right now haha but might go for a combination like @PraiseGamer91. I have some extra rogue emblems (not planning on giving any more to Kelile and was planning on resetting Carver once Scarlett is maxed as he no longer gets to see any action in wars or raids haha - he only got emblems before bc I had no 4* green for first 7 months of the game haha).

I’ll consider resetting Kelile if I ever get Peters or Jackal but I’m somehow doubtful (I’ve gotten 0 seasonal/challenge event 4*/5* in almost a year of playing the game :rofl: even with just token pulls this is pretty unlucky considering how many tokens I’ve obtained/spent over the past year). And will reconsider giving rings to Elena after Scarlett is maxed - Elena is mostly good for tile damage anyway and like JAWS pointed out, I can get Scarlett’s attack insanely high w/ emblems.

Blockquote 1. Since your choices for Nature hitters are limited, Elkanen is a good choice. He is serviceable and fast mana. He may not be great for your defense, but he will be fine with your counter raids and attacking war teams. He’ll do for now until something better comes along. 2. Once you have the scopes, I would go with Magni. He packs a huge bunch!

Def planning to go with Elk and Magni for now then!

Still slightly conflicted about Grimble and Obakan :thinking: Think I’m leaning more towards Grimble now (I was initially learning towards Obakan) I guess Obakan is mediocre for a 5* but he has pretty decent attack and is fast . I’ve actually never understood why he gets such a bad rap :laughing: Like for Groot I get it but I feel like Obakan seems decent to me in theory.

Blockquote For gameplay i mean, nothing against goats.

Bahahaha that’s fair enough @Elpis I mean Grimble’s goat sound effect is a big pro in my book :rofl:
Also I used to hate Grimble too because his damage is laughable and at 3.70 sometimes I’m like did his special even go off? But then I realized against Tell teams there were a few times he turned the battle around for me because he charged up my entire teams specials. And do like his element link. But then again Obakan is faster and hits harder.

Hit harder… mmmmh.
I rather say riposte is quite useful when you are the underdog.
Obakan riposte is not as much useful as Boril just saying, but it’s still something.

I personally maxed my Obakan because i had 30+ tabards and don’t have other better/more attack purples for tile damage on titans.

It was really a desperate hero ascension, as purple is really my worst color by far :sweat_smile:

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Here’s my 0.02. :slight_smile:

1 - 100% Grimble. With Telly and other minion generators, he can be a game-changer!
2 - I would not give rings to Elena, at least right now. If you get to the point where you’re approaching 12 rings, and have not gotten another 5* red, then you could reconsider.
3 - I would give Kadilen the tonics. Her special, when timed properly, can save you a lot of damage.
4 - I’d choose Magni.


Lol it’s all relative, I meant his tiles do more and he’ll do more damage to single target than Grimble for sure. If you look at what purples I have he’ll be one of the higher damage “hitters” :laughing:

Counterattack is a nice bonus. If I max Cyp then I can have almost entire team counterattacking, that’d be nice.

Ride the goat just to have something to laugh about.

Obakan isn’t even half as funny.


Now that Morlovia is here I’ll soon have 6 tabbards. I’ve decided Grimble will get them. He is an asset in a lot of my raids given the prevalence of minions these days and he gives me a laugh every time I play his special. Since my goal is to have fun I must consider entertainment value. :smiley: Thanks again all for input!


Nice decision. You’ll never be rewarded with anything in this game but fun. Therefore increasing fun is the main goal.

30 minutes in the top ten won’t impress anyone in real life.

Have a good time. :sunglasses:


Finally Goat got to eat tabs :sunglasses:


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