Go Rin No Sho - main alliance 1800cups, secondary alliance open to all ✌️

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Fun and social learning alliance. Would be a perfect for for daily players who use all of their war flags and Titan hits. Come check us out :slight_smile:

Here is a link to your previous thread:

GO RIN NO SHO - Two Spots Open


Per www.titanmafia.com data, GO RIN NO SHO had the 2nd Most Players in TOP 100 Leaderboard last week.

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Hey guys!

You can contact me (Rachie of the 5 Rings) via:

Line: Rachie.Rache
Whatsapp: +639176567951

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1551394898887 If you’re all for teamwork, you will love us!

◇ Dedicated Active Team Players invited ◇
9* - 10*titans
3500 TP
1800 trophies
Alliance War - hell yeah!

Won 11 for 4 wars this year
The leaders also do competitions occasionally to win 30 atlantis pulls for 1st place and 10 for second with one starting this month!

Or try out our more casual sister alliance
Go Rin No Sho 2

We use Whatsapp for chatting.

Message me if interested

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Great alliance here, come join us.


Hi All.
If you are interested in a merger, we are a very chatty, active and organised alliance.

Currently we are running a giveaway ‘March madness’ based on 6 rounds of tasks involving efficiency in wars, raiding, farming. First prize is a 30 pull on Atlantis. Comp graphic;

We have 9 slots open.

If you are interested, we can discuss mutual requirements to see if you (and active friends) would be (find) a good fit with us.


We’re having an alliance competition right now.

Winner gets atlantis 30 pull.
Winner of 2nd tier gets atlantis 10 pull.

Pretty good, huh?

Come share the goodness!


We have three alliances now, possibly upping to four soon.

Still spots open in main alliance!

We’re still a great alliance!

Hit me up if you’d ljke to know more.

I’ve been in the same alliance since i started. Im beginning to understand the game a little better and would like to try an alliance i can learn from. Most of the members in my current alliance are occasional players and not really serious. Screenshot_20190901-191542_Empires|243x500

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