Go green! A durable solution to protect our future!

Nature is in danger, so we need to assemble a team of guardians! Each must support the other guardians, and all must deal a punch. So here is my proposition ^^:


Haha, that’s gnarly.

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You’ll probably appreciate these :slight_smile:

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Be careful with heroes of that class that gives more damage per buff the hero has

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@CrowdEater I think you’re in a league of your own for the most status effects competition lol

The Aegir one was already the most I’ve seen before.

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That is why I placed Tarlak left and Albrrich right.
On auto play (in offence) and defence, buffs get activated from left to right.

But I am not sure if this teams is that viable.
Gravemaker will bring this team to ashes. (×_×)

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I haven’t seen much posts of funny buff stacking, so I started to toy with them myself. ^^

I post some more buff combo’s if you like that? (when I come up with some more)

Pleased to hear people do find intrests in such posts.


Zeline procs Jinx, one-shots your entire team :))

My green stack with Alby, Gregs, and Evelyn has definitely been the best thing since sliced bread for me. Don’t have anything else close at all.

Jack o hare makes a really good fourth member of the band, too. Considering giving him some Ranger materials since I’m lacking the tonics for Eve or Gregs anyway… and Jack has long been my favs hero anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you mind moving all that clutter from the faces of your poor heroes? How can they be expected to battle dinosaurs if they have no visual field?


Sometimes you just need to pauze to admire your stats. ^^

As I recall, the dinosaurs left due boredom.

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