Go for Gravemaker, Event Characters or wait?

Would like some help here.

Wondering if I should be spending gems/tokens trying to get Gravemaker/Event characters during next few days or wait (for re-release of HOTMs). Looking for all around team. Hovering around 2400 cups and don’t really care about going higher. Titans matter more. Would appreciate any and all feedback…

sitting on 6k gems (do not plan on buying any time soon), 15 epic hero tokens
11 rings, 8 telescopes, 4 tonics, 2 darts and 2 tabards
Have 4 level 20 Training camps running full time.

Current team rotation (fully upgraded unless something in parenthesis)
Green - Lianna, Caedmon, Alberich (3/70), all other 4* at 3/60, 2/60
Red - BT, Kellie, (have elena and khagan at 3/70, can upgrade to 4/80, waiting on ares?)
Blue - Kiril, Grimm, Magni (3/70, can upgrade to 4/80, waiting on athena to be re-released)
Dark - Sartana, Tiburtus, (all other 4*/5* at 3/70, 2/60)
Light - Joon, Wu, all other 4*/5* at 3/70, 2/60

I personally am hoping for Red Hood and Gravemaker for red. Similar to you, I have 10 rings, a 3/70 Elena, and 1/1 Khagan. I’d put both Hood and GM before them and not hold out on a possible Ares relaunch since we don’t know when that will ever happen.

That said, next months event should be Guardians and you don’t look to have Jackal, Falcon, or Panther… so you may want to save some gems to pull then as well since they are all big boosts for titan dmg.

With your roster I don’t see a pressing need for an event hero. Gravemaker is unique, but I dunno if its worth a full court press for him given you have 4 direct damage killing machines you could use instead.

Elena is a tile damage monster on titans, as an FYI. If titans are your priority I would consider ascending her. And you have enough rings that if Ares comes around you’ll get your 12th by then.

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If titans are your main priority, I’d strongly suggest waiting for the Guardians of Teltoc event to come back around.

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Waiting for Guardians is my plan, but who knows if it will come back around? I’m stockpiling my free, VIP, and Event gems. Ready for 3 10X pulls next month. Hoping it’s worth it.

If this event was a bump in the event cycle, with pirates before this, guardians should be next after fables. But who knows.

If you’re really concerned with titans, save your gems for jackal and falcon. Huge difference makers.

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Isn’t Athena better than falcon, panther, Arthur, etc? Also, would panther and Athena or Grimm debufs stack?

They do - I have jackal and he and grimm stack on dark titans when I use them.

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yes generic defense reduction stacks with color specific reduction.

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holy crap batman, that is incredible!

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