“Go” button on Season 2 disabled after update 15


After applying upgrade 15 the “Go” button on the Season 2 mission is disabled. I had completed all of Season 1 and all normal levels in Season 2. I’m a newer player and that Go button is the only way I know how to get back to Season 1 to farm prior levels.



I can’t say why the “Go” button is no longer functioning for you, but perhaps you missed this option to switch between Season 1 and Season 2 map?


Hope it helps,
:slight_smile: Tima


same issue after update,
“GO” is disabled on missions


Hello. the mission is to finish the first 3 levels of season 2. the button is disabled because you have probably finished these 3 levels.


From your base, click on the Map icon in the lower left. This will bring you to the map so you can continue farming.