GM to 3.7 or G.Falcon max? How to use G.F

So… I just earned 2 orbs from the event. I have Chao max and li xiu almost to 3.6. I think I’m going to take Delilah to 3.7 instead of using the orbs on li or hu. I was also going to take GM to 3.7 but I fit GF and I will only need to more blades to do the other. I already have BT and Gormek maxed. The purpose of this post us to ask exactly how does G.F work against titans? I understand the lower def. to red but would he be good to run double reds against all titans other the blue or just Green? Thanks.

It’s probably better to double, triple or even quadruple on the weak color of the titan. You’ll start doing massive damage on green titans though with Boldtusk Gormek and Falcon. It’s also a good raid combo with those 3 if you’re going 3-2 or 3-1-1 or even a 5-stack.

I really only have stacked 2. I don’t have a lot of hero’s maxed. So @DMP what can you tell me about using say BT with falcon against yell purp and red? Is it worth it? Also I’m at my ceiling with hero’s. I’m now fighting a lot of maxed 5s. I have Delilah at 2.6 and have the mats to take her to 3.7. Right now her and Chao are my only yellow pair. My confliction is I have li xu and hu tao. Is it a good move to take Delilah up? My only leveled healers are BT and Rigard.

As i lack depth i use Kiril+Grimm in every battle i can cause its my best combo currently. So i would advice you to test whether your Combo works in different situations i assume yes :slight_smile:

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There’s probably a lot of formula and calculations behind damage calculations so I am not sure about anything. I assume though it is NOT worth it or else everybody would just be using jackal/yellow, falcon/red, panther/purple on every titan and I never see someone do that. It also makes sense because falcon brings down defense by 54% but strong color vs weak color does 100% damage. Although it’s probably not that simple it’s a good enough explanation of why you always use 2-4 of the strong color vs the weak color. I guess if you don’t have enough heroes of the specific strong color you could add boldtusk/gormek/falcon to the team and give it a try, kinda board dependent on having reds though.

For your yellow hero situation I would say take Hu Tao out of the running for consideration. This leaves Chao, Li Xiu, and Delilah this becomes a question of what do you think your team needs. If you need another healer I would pick Delilah, if you need a good tank/defense go with Li Xiu. If you need a yellow striker go with Chao. I assume if you don’t have roster depth that you probably go raiding as a rainbow team or as a 2-1-1-1 team? If that is true then I would say take Chao to 4/70. Reason BT is probably your red and sometimes you might bring Rigard for that extra heal and cleanse so it doesn’t make sense to bring another healer (Delilah). Second reason is that both Boldtusk and Rigard make for pretty decent center/tank so you don’t really need Li Xiu that much.

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Hu Tao was never in the running I just wanted to state what I had. Chao is maxed and I actually use him for everything other the yellow titans and tanks. Delilah at 3.7 has higher power the li xu maxed. I feel like I should go for a better double for titans so now my mind has shifted to li xu. I understand and appreciate everything you said. What would you do if you needed more hero’s for purp titan. I never raid rainbow always double on the tank. Purple I have to use Delilah and I probably win 65% that way.

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