GM tank vs Azlar or Elena tank

Are either of Azlar or Elena better tanks than Gravemaker?

Who should i start ascending either way. - got mats for 1.

Current defense : Seshat, Vivica, Gravemaker, Magni, Lianna.
Other reds maxed: Boldtusk, Gormek, Wilbur, G Falcon, Scarlett
Colen 3*60.

I’d take gravemeker over those two. GM will at least get one hit off, the other two are often dead first.


Even Azlar?
But i have mats for 1 and my GM is fully ascended. Who should i pick?
It seems like majorly for war bcoz both are slow so probably wont pick either for titan or attack raids

Honest opinion? I would save the mats until you get a better red or have enough to level 2 and then pick one if you like.

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Since you already have burn DOT with GM, go with Elena.

Am curious. Who do you consider a better red? Can you give an example?
I generally follow the guide that anchor put for heroes.

Colen 4/70 + 20 > Azlar 4/80 + 0. So if you don’t think you would heavily emblem Azlar, Colen is the better pick (and usable in more tournies and events).

Elena has a use case but it really depends on what you want to use her for. If it is solely looking at tank then I think GM is the one to keep

Ok ok. I don’t see myself spending a lot of emblems on colen bcoz he is a fighter and so will put most emblems in magni.
But good to know.

As mentioned before I might wait for more mats before I pick either of azlar or elena.

am going to keep GM as tank but still need to decide between azlar and elena

Ok ok. That helps because she also has that reflect ability so might help with titan too.

A Colen + 20 (400ish? emblems) investment gets you a decent return on events and particularly on 4* and 5* rush tournies, and not too bad in bloody battle tournies. I also still him in my war team.

Personally I preferred to spread my emblems across my 4s before focusing on making my 5s elite, but we each need to focus on enhancing the area of gameplay that makes the most sense to us.

If I had Elena I would likely max her, and ahead of Azlar. Her class is much better too.
Reds are at a premium these days…

If you get Azlar’s costume and are willing to get him to +3, you’d unlock his Paladin talent and that would help in the tank role.

Elena is voted twice.
I try to mostly use the emblems in 4 stars too but I had to use some for the magni for my defense team. So probably next I will use them on colen.good to know

Thank you

As a raider who faces teams up to 4200 (with team around 3.700 and quite limited roster) I´m not scared of Elena, Azlar is quite dangerous because he can erase half of my team health. When I see a Gravemaker I just press skip.

That’s good. Meaning I have the default defense covered with GM. It seems like I need to be concentrating on my alliance war team then. And titan.
So that would mean offense right. Who would I pick for offense then.

Gm +7 is good enough? Or should I go higher?

IMO Elena punishes much better bad boards. For me GM is not a menace, he bites like wasp and I use a mono green team. Azlar is great but the Elena’s riposte is very painful.

No costumes?

As granted, Azlar’s costume is much better (imo)
But without costume, I’d go Elena (better tile damage)

Plus, if you color-stack, Elena will play better with GM than Azlar

So if you wanna max someone, and no costumes involved, I’d say Elena

I usually use riposte in my attack composition (3 blue 2 purple Boril + Cyprian) But they are average, I personally don´t like slow heroes because I need to fire ASAP.

Between GM and Elena: As you have read, you have a lot of burns, but on the other hand, Azlar is better than Elena if you play around Wilbur.

The use of emblems is up to you, depending on your roster and uses for them, If you have more elite barbarians you can split the emblems, If you plan to go higher in ranks, you probably prefer make him stronger.

@krsna1987 Neither Azlar nor Elena are better tanks than Gravemaker. In answer to your next question (who are better reds?) Zimkitha, Grazul, Mitsuko, even Anzogh with emblems are all better than either Azlar or Elana based purely on speed. There are also 2 new red 5* heroes coming out in Halloween and S3 that will be worth your precious mats over either of those two. Even Marjana from S1 is a better option. The answer to your 3rd question, if a hero will be on your war/raid defense, then they should get all emblems in that class for you. A 20 node Gravemaker is the top hero in the Barbarian class because he’s versatile on both offense and defense. 7 nodes is not enough. For now you’re better off continuing to level 4* and 3* red heroes because neither Azlar nor Elena have enough defense or health to survive in war at 3-70. If you pull either of their costumes you can reevaluate. Here is the best emblem path for Gravemaker

Wow this is good. Lot of information.
My understanding:
GM is better than Elena and azlar as tank for sure.
Elena is good for tile damage but azlar is bit more tanky than Elena.
Increase emblems in GM.

If I am going to level one of the 2, elena or azlar I might pick elena because am looking at attack team than a defense team and her tile damage is higher and I do color stack.

But I might also take aragorn and g8slord advice and wait out for better reds.

Have to read thru the whole thing again.

Lot of information.

Thank you so much for the help.
I might post one more for blue heroes once I make the decision for the red.

Thank you

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