GM on offense

Hello everybody,

I’d like to ask your opinions about Gravemaker from an offensive raid prospective.
I know how good he’s on defense, but with the lack of red snipers (Gefjon and Marjana aside) I feel good using him on the offensive side as well.
(My other red heroes: unemblemed QoH, 3/70 Mitsuko, 3/70 Cpt. Kestrel, 3/70 Marjana, 3/70 Tyr.)

I hope you will share you thoughts.

He is a beast in offense too don’t worry about that :wink:

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I use him on offense/defense since june 2018. He definitely makes the game easier. He’s definitely not a mandatory hero (like for example - elemental def droppers) to own, but great to have. Mainly loving my green tank team on raids - GM, Sartana, Mits, QoH, Rigard, which was and still is busy facing all the Telly tanks out there.

Gravemaker is the best heroes, and arguably one of the top heroes overall.

He is super versatile, either in defense and offense. In defense u can place him either on tank, flank or wings, he is deadly.

On offense, just need at least mana troops lv.11 for him and the game is yours.

He is no.1 of red heroes. Give all emblems and love to him and he will serve u very well.


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