GM needs a buff for offense

Defensively he’s one of the best because of the 20% DOT and damage boost, but offensively he hits too lightly. He needs a resistance like most recent HOTM to be effective, especially resisting water damage.

Now i heard everything, i can rest in peace.

Thank you.


Like I said this is for OFFENSE only. I have no complaints on defense. Even when he goes off with 6 tiles, his damage is too soft on offense to plow through Telluria, and them gets destroyed by Vela. Just think since recent HOTM get special abilities that old ones should too. A water damage resistance would be perfect for GM.

  • NO i don’t think then GM need a buff, offensevely or defensively speaking (expecially with so many heroes needing a buff much more)

  • NO i don’t think that heroes should behaviour differently from attack and defence (which is what you’re implying, but all the heroes after Gravemaker should do it then)

  • NO i don’t think every single red hero should be a counter to Telluria


People have to remember that buffing a hero means also that he is much stronger than on defense too. So a buff to Gravemaker would mean that then he really destroys a whole team on his own (happens sometimes right now). Immagine people going back to buff Vela because she “sucks” now on offense. Then you really can say RIP PvP.

We have so many heroes who need a buff but you want a buff for the best hero on the game??? This its joke.:joy::joy::joy:


Yes. Forget the s01 heroes than are worst than 90% 4* with costums. Go with grave

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If heroes are supposed to be as good on offence as well as defence then I expect Kasshrek, Justice, Guin etc are on the list waaaaayyyy before the incredibly popular, powerful and versatile GM.


Actually dead serious. I prefer even classics like marjana better for offense than GM. There’s just such a big difference with GM on defense vs offense that maybe there’s some way to close that gap. But I’m clearly outnumbered here and yes, it would mean creating a skill specifically for offense, but then again defense already gets the 20% boost which is what makes the difference.

I guess this is true thanks

GM it’s not good because of him direct damage GM it’s good because of him speed and high burn damage, in 2 rounds you can take out the half of your opponent heroes, he dont need buff for now, maybe after 3 or 4 will needed but for now he remain just the best heroe on this game.

This is the first. For years, clamor for NERFING Gravemaker echoes through the halls of the very forum, much more in the game. Nothing was done on that and yet, what is this we are seeing now? A request to buff GM offensively? Oh, man… the terror we underwent since GM’s release in 2018. I can’t re-live that. But… I do have 3 of him. Ashes to ashes…

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Worth noting that there is a clear progression & “creep” of HotM.

This creep can be grouped into 3 “generations” of HotM:
Gen 1 - Limited Edition Hero
Gen 2 - Limited Edition Hero with ELEMENTAL LINK
Gen 3 - Limited Edition Hero with Elemental Link AND innate (passive) ability.

Gravemaker belongs to Gen 2 while more recent heroes (like Zocc and Vela ) belong to Gen 3.

I severely doubt there will be any “buffing” of previous generation heroes to include the components of newer generation HotM;

Reason being is that this thread (below) has been active for a long while and has never gained any traction, interest or indication of implementation from SGG:

With all that being said you’re more than welcome to create a new Ideas & Feature Requests thread which is “general” about adding innate abilities to all older HotM.

For now tho I will close this thread as it’s likely to detail the thought process by being too specific.