GM in defense team: Max out Atk or Def on Class?


Hi, i wonder what should take the best effect on GM as a Barbarian Class in defense Team.

What do you guys think?

Max mostly atk for making fast lot of damage.
Max mostly def for surviving longer?

Maybe everything a little bit?


Always Attack > Defense > HP

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Thanks to Kamikaze Assassin and his excellent upgrade tool for allowing me to get the final stats

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Ok ok i see xD. Thanks for the help


… why always attack?
certain heroes who have very high attack stat already but are squishy could benefit from some def no?


To enhance the best aspects of a damaging hero you should improve his attack and for the ones that have too low defense, well… why does you have to improve them? :slight_smile:
Every hero could need a fair share of attack bonus, minus the designed tanks and healers.

If it were a Guinevere or a Boss Wolf then the best route would have been Defense > HP > Attack but this surely isn’t Gravemaker’s case.


Ah so when you say “always” you were referring to GM in particular?

The reason I have for improving defense of squishy heroes depends on their special. Investing in attack may improve the damage of their special, but for some heroes I put more value into other aspects of the special than the damage (and want to make sure they stay alive to cast it).


Yes, I were referring to Gravemaker but to me:

If a hero’s damage% is so low that improving their attack score wouldn’t be useful at all then I would give you reason on valuing defense over attack (Gadeirus) but if a hero is tanky enough to do his job then I would pick attack every time (G. Falcon).

The only solid PvP hero with a low defense than comes in my mind is Magni but he doesn’t need any additional defense form talents (that would still give him a so-so defense) but a higher attack to preemptively kill attackers.

His special will offset his defense and to help him survive you’ll need a healing tank (Guinevere, Ares, Kunchen, Delilah, Vivica), but he will serve you better with a higher attack score than with a higher defense.


Ah well, “solid Pvp heroes” only places me a little out of my depth haha… I only have a few non-TC20 heroes.

I think Isarnia is a good example where her surviving to lower defense of all targets is more useful than a slight increase in damage. Perhaps Azlar as well who already has a beastly attack stat but can often be killed before casting his special (in addition, the burn effect of his special is a base # and not affected by boosting attack).


Damage over Time scals with base attack :slight_smile:
If you have a 3.70 Azlar with 8/8 special his burning damage will be lower than a 4.80 Azlar and a high level troop will boost again his damage by increasing his attack.

Attack buffs as Boldtusk ones can’t increase DoT but things as troops and talents can.

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Why do they pick on Proteus?

You must be kidding??
Why does it say 360 damage over 6 turns then vs. xx% damage?


You can add buffs, tokens, troops and more… but you’ll always be constrained by what the card was created to do.

GM is never going to be a pacifist, any defense / HPs you give him should be so he can extract more pain per square inch from the pechulie munching green cards.


But keep in mind that the attacking team gets attack boosts with the new classes, too


I’m not joking…

And I hope for them that they wouln’t follow a tanky path on pure dps heroes :wink:


Wow that is a shock to me…

Is this not essentially a bug?? What is the reason for SG not putting 41% attack (this equates to 298dmg @ 727 attack, 304dmg @ 742 attack) as they did with the damage right above that!? The change implies the second portion of the skill is not affected by the atttack stat!!

This is very stupid and disappointing that there is such a huge flaw in the game.


Because DoT like burn and poison is fixed once battle begins and can’t be affected by temporary attack buffs, therefore the damage is not always indicative of a fixed % of attack stat. Using Boldtusk or Ares before Gravemaker will affect his initial impact damage but not the lingering burn.


Oh ok thanks.
I still thinking saying “41% of base attack” or “not affected by buffs” would be a much more accurate representation of the damage. Because having a set dmg # RIGHT AFTER using a % of attack on the line before, implies that that portion of the skill it isn’t affected by the attack stat.


This image is the product of that tool or your editing skills?

Btw, thanks for confirming the path I was thinking of.

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This is his sheet that allows you to test paths and get final results, it doesn’t generate the image though, that was by a friend of mine