GM burning more than what is stated during raid

372 / 2 = 186

223 * 2 = 446.

Anyone else see this?

The players GM card from watchtower…

You have to take into account they’re troops

This is after the troops have already been factored in. Watch the clip I posted.

Went and looked at his GM afterward.

The troops effects don’t show on the card, they just apply on the DOT. I have Natalya her burn is different when I change the troops I use with her but her card remains the same.

I know that. That’s why I brought up GMs stats during the raid.

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That is the 20% attack buff for defenders at work.

372*1.2 = 446.4, and SG truncates damage numbers. Thus, 446.


Thought there was only a 20% defense buff. Huh

And it really should reflect that in the description of the fire dmg.


Both 20% attack and 20% defense. And yeah, no one loves the fact that it’s invisible.


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