Glowing featured message for new/unread message

I didn’t find a right topic to revive for this, so I’m making a suggestion here. I love the featured message and it’s current form is pretty great, but there’s one tweak I would welcome.

Whenever the featured message has been changed, it gets a red glow effect or some other highlighting to point that out. An alternative would be a “!” corner like when there’s a tournament.

If Player A changes the message, it starts glowing for everyone. When Player B enters the chat for the first time after the message has been changed, the message glows. The moment B closes the chat, the message becomes normal again.

Player A changed the message while B was looking at the chat. B sees the system message and the featured message glows. Once they close the chat, the message returns to normal.

1 glowing cat votes yes :grin:

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